Excited vs. Super Stressed. And the winner is…

I wanted to pop in today for a few quick updates that I’m either really excited about or super stressed about… or both.

1. I’m famous! Well, not “really” famous. The level of fame that is comprable to those celebrities who call the paparazzi to let them know they’re about to leave the slutty night club. But I’d like to think that in the blogger realm it’s still pretty famous! If you happen to slip over to A Complete Waste of Makeup {one of my favs} sometime in the next month and think you see a certain sweet Bean making a to-die-for pout face staring back at you from the side bar, your eyes are not deceiving you! I’m so happy to be one of Neely’s sponsor’s this month and I’m really excited about the opportunity to possibly find some new readers and blogs. IF you are a new reader, please let me know by saying HI in the comments. And be sure to share your own blog as well so I can stalk you check it out!v 1 point for excited.

2. I may lose my mind within the next 3-4 days. With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, also comes 2 fantastic vacations back-to-back. The first is a long-awaited trip to NYC with 29 fantastic ladies. My college dance director was amazing enough to set up a weekend NYC trip for dance alumni and some of her colleagues. We’ll be seeing the sights, a few Broadway shows, taking some dance classes, and having an all-around AMAZING time. After I get back from New York I’m heading straight to Z’s grandparents’ farm for Thanksgiving. All of Z’s side of the family together under one roof and I CAN’T WAIT. 1 point for excited. However, because I have so much planned in the next weeks, that means I’m working overtime to accomplish 2-weeks worth of work into 3.5 days. Eeep! Not to mention the endless amount of packing and vaca prep I have also tugging at my pant leg. Packing for NYC. Packing for VA. Packing for Keelin. Packing for the dogs. SO MUCH PACKING! 1 point for super stressed.

3. This weekend will be the first time I’ve been away from Keelin since she was born. Yes we’ve done day dates and I’ve had to come home from dance performances to find her already tucked into bed but this will be 5 FULL DAYS of not seeing her. At all. My heart is breaking. Thank God for face-time. Thankfully I will have a hand full of amazing friends and activities that will no-doubt help keep me entertained and happy but I’m trying NOT to think about it until I actually leave. Also hoping I don’t cry the entire trip north. Did I mention it will be the first time hubs has had to fly solo with the Bean? He is a wonderful wonderful father and is so good with her, but I know we are both a little anxious about passing the torch. I don’t think you can blame us since as a WAHM I spend just about every moment of every day with her. But I have every confidence in him and know she’s in wonderful hands. Thankfully Z’s mom is coming to help out on days when he has to work. So very blessed to have family close by. 1 point for super stressed.

4. I have TWO fantastic giveaways in the works. I am so excited to share them with you once all the details are finalized, so stay tuned! 1 point for excited. 

5. I have a super-awesome-but-totally-not talent for getting sick right before a big event. I think I have spent more Christmases sick than not because I get so pumped about all the festivities and seeing all of our family and friends that I send my own immune system into a whirlwind and end up catching some kind of bug. With all the excitement that awaits me in the next weeks I’m PRAYING it doesn’t happen again, especially because I can sense the slightest hit of something EVIL lurking in my head and throat. I blame the neighbor’s kid for coughing over my entire house. Ugh. Along with praying I’m trying to stay calm and relaxed as to not wig-out my immune system, all while pumping myself full of as much Emergen-C and Zicam as possible. I’d love to pump up my sleep quota for the week but with everything else piled up on my to-do list I doubt its going to happen. 1 point for super stressed.

So the total tally is:
Excited – 3
Super stressed – 3

Awesome. I guess my sanity will try NOT to fall off the tightrope this week. Prayers are welcome… and necessary.

Until next time…

7 thoughts on “Excited vs. Super Stressed. And the winner is…

  1. congrats lady! saw the beans fabulous photo on complete waste of makeup! also saw your hubby briefly yesterday which reminded me once again that we should get together at some point in our life times. i can’t believe we’ve been saying that since almost a year ago at the aquarium xmas party…:) have a fabulous time on your trips!

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