Apparently Keelin was channeling the Eeyore bits of her fabric this week. She cracks me up.

I’m super behind on work so I’m going to have to be brief with this week’s update. There haven’t been any super new developments in baby world other than Keelin channeling her inner Danny Torrance with a really creepy “redrum” voice. She’ll be mid babble when all of a sudden her voice drops down to the back of her throat and she sounds like she’s growling as she talks. What’s worse is she’s normally saying “mama” when she does it so it makes me feel like I’ve slipped into a scene from The Omen. Creepy kids are the worst. Good thing she’s NOT the antichrist and super adorable.

I’m sure she will dazzle us with more new developments next week…

Until next time…

P.S. I realized when choosing this week’s ADORABLE Pooh fabric that I only have 7 more fabrics left which means 7 more weeks until my daughter is 1 year old. How did that happen?

9 thoughts on “FOURTY-FIVEsie

    • I can’t wait!!! She started doing it after we were watching the Avengers so sometimes I’ll go “HULK SMASH” in the same voice and she grunts back at me. they will thank us some day for teaching them such valuable skills

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