Happy Halloween!!! Keelin was practicing her scary monster posts during this week’s photo shoot. And apparently she decided to go all out with her costume, giving herself a bruised head {over her right eye} and a fat lip by falling face-first into the coffee table yesterday morning. Seriously I don’t think she looks anything like herself. Even this morning, she’s like a little monkey with BOTH lips nice and swollen, poor thing.

Yesterday morning was a little traumatic when Keelin literally BIT IT during one of her cruising sessions around the coffee table. She went to reach for the edge and misjudged how far she was, therefore falling face first into the table top. Hubs felt so bad because he saw her tipping and couldn’t catch her in time. We thought it was just her head, which quickly turned purple and slightly swollen but after snuggling into my shoulder for a minute she lifted her head and we were both covered in blood. I tried to hold back my panic as I rushed her upstairs to get her cleaned up. We realized she had not only hit her head on the table, but her mouth as well, busting her teeth and biting her bottom lip. I felt so terrible, she was obviously really freaked out. Luckily kids are far more resilient than adults so after we cleaned her up she was back to her happy self. Although slightly more snuggly than normal, which I didn’t mind. Z and I both followed her around on high alert the rest of the day making sure she didn’t bump anything again and I took advantage of the extra snuggles every time she offered them.

Part of the reason we are on such HIGH ALERT when it comes to following Keelin around is because she is WALKING NOW. Yeah. Out of the blue on Sunday night, Keelin decided to start walking. We were sitting around in the living room and she had pulled herself up on the ottoman, like normal. Then, like it was common practice, she turned around and WALKED about 6 feet to her jumper. No biggie. Piece of cake. We flipped out. And then we kept trying to make her walk the rest of the night, even for Gammie and Granddaddy to see via Skype. I think she’s been practicing behind out backs when we’re not looking. She turned 10 months old on Monday so walking must have been her way of celebrating!
I always talk about these big events and never share video proof so I had to snag a quick clip just for you. It’s kind of crummy, and the shot gets interrupted by one of the pups, but it gives you an idea of her wobbly walking cuteness. She also doesn’t go that far, but imagine that cute waddle extended about 10 more steps. GAH, love it.

Obviously she’s less inclined to perform for the camera… more interested in actually playing WITH the camera… but I’ll get a better video soon. So say a prayer for us folks, it’s the last time the hubs and I will be able to sit and relax for, the rest of our lives.

ALSO, we went to a Halloween party on Saturday and snagged this snapshot of our family costume as Tinkerbell, Peter Pen {Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan} and Capt. Hook.

Yes, Keelin is eating her costume. She was being a bit of a stinker that night and wouldn’t let me put her wings and headpiece on but check out Life in these times… on Facebook for a picture of her in FULL costume!

Hope you all have a LOVELY HALLOWEEN with lots of candy, costumes, and cauldrons!

Until next time…

Be sure to check out my friend Melanie’s blog. She’s totally lovely and does her own weekly onesie pics with her ginger-bean Landon!

5 thoughts on “FOURTY-FOURsie

    • It was actually the hubs’ idea! I guess it pays to have married an actor. He enjoys dressing up as much as I do… even asked me to get him knee highs to ‘complete’ his Capt. Hook costume. Such a girl 😉 LOVED your Chicky Baby costume!!! so fun

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