How adorable is that cheesy grin? Gah, love. I chose this fun sea creature fabric this week to hopefully give my sweet nephew {who has a nautical-themed nursery} a HINT that we are ready to meet him! My sister-in-law is not OFFICIALLY due until the 27th but I still have my fingers crossed!!! Come on little one!

I’m sure none of you will notice this but I’m a little pissed this morning because thanks to G+ being a total butthead I wasn’t able to use my normal editing tools on the fourty-twosie photo and had to resort to a different font. It’s blasphemous I tell you. I would venture to guess that had I not said anything, you PROBABLY wouldn’t have noticed {and probably didn’t notice that I’ve used the same font since week one} but I’ve been fighting with my less-than-braggable design skills ALL LAST NIGHT AND THIS MORNING to try to duplicate what G+ and Picnik usually do for me each week with no success. So, while I’m still in love with this week’s picture, the font on her onesie is driving me nuts. Almost as nuts as the presidential debate drove me. I’m not going to get into the politics of it all, and won’t even mention that the moderator’s name had me craving sweets {seriously Candy?}, because that’s a can of creepy crawlies I just don’t want to open. But can I just say that the whole town hall format last night made my skin crawl. It was the first debate I’ve watched in this election and I became so tense during the first 20 minutes, what with the jump-all-over-each-other-and-tattle-tale-to-the-moderator debating tactics that I had to turn away and focus on something else. I took debate in college and I would have gone bonkers if we did it that way. And probably failed after tackling my opponent mid-rebuttal. Sheesh.

See, like how I was able to bring up the presidential debate without expressing an opinion on either party? *pat self on back*

Moving on…
Today’s onesie post is a bit different. While I normally focus on new updates on The Bean {which there really aren’t any, outside of the fact that she’s constantly on the move and getting more adventurous with what she feeds herself, including the leaves that made their way past the front door} today is all about another grand event… Z and Me getting hitched.

YES, 3 years ago I broke a lot of hearts by officially taking my sexy stud off the market. In a beautiful ceremony in the church I great up in, we smiled, prayed, got misty-eyed, exchanged vows, added some bling to our left hands, laughed, partied hard with some truly amazing friends and family, toasted, cut cake, threw garters, and were wacked by a hundred or so balloons in a tunnel of purple and white fury before driving off into the sunset in a condom-and-paint-covered car. All the while thanking God that he decided a Virginia girl and a Georgia boy should find each other at an outdoor theater in North Carolina amidst sand, surf, mosquitos, deer pelts, and body paint (eep). The last 3 years have been filled with so many great adventures, lessons, struggles, belly laughs, and celebrations, and I can’t wait to see what the next years have in store for our crazy, cooky, fun-filled life.

So cheers to us and 3 splendid years of marital ups and downs {but mostly ups} and a lifetime of continued happiness. It seems fitting that this showed up on my Pinterest feed today so I decided it had to be shared.

And I may as well close things out with a sweet and sappy quote from the great Mark Twain… “Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century.”
And I couldn’t be happier that I get to keep discovering PERFECT LOVE with my PERFECT MATCH.

Until next time…

12 thoughts on “FOURTY-TWOsie

  1. My cousin picked such a WINNER! I’m so glad you’re awesome Sara or thanksgiving would be sooooo awkward. Instead you guys are perfect for each other and I love that a million times over 🙂 Happy anniversary cousin-in-law <— is that even a legit title? Much love to all three of you!

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