This was the general mood in our house yesterday. Between mommy having a bit of an emotional melt down to daddy getting two teeth pulled… it was only fitting that The Bean share our sentiments.

Whenever we get to a week that ends in the number one I feel the need to look back at all of The Bean’s weekly photos. I’m amazed at how, in 9 months, she’s morphed from a squishy, squirmy, little ball of adorable to a waving, raspberry-blowing, sweet and smart little person. And still I can’t believe she’s mine.

Here’s a quick overview of the newness of this past week:

  • I thought we were ahead of the game with 4 teeth but now we have 6! Two more teeth have sprung up on the top row and she’s definitely learning to use them… more on that later.
  • We finally got baby gates! And thank goodness because little miss is all over the place. We are still getting used to it but so far it’s done it’s job of keeping her off the steps!
  • We were SHOCKED the other night when, after the hubs and I had spent the afternoon on a date at Six Flags, Keelin decided to take her first solo steps! I KNOW RIGHT!? She’s a big time cruiser and will often let go of one or both hands to stand and look around. But this time, she let go of the table and took AT LEAST three unsupported steps right at me. I, of course, freaked out! We only started “walking” with her a week ago and now she’s making an attempt to do it on her own. Brilliant.
  • We had a great visit from one of my bridesmaids, Laura, and her soon-to-be hubby Mitch. They were heading back to NC/VA after spending the weekend at Auburn and were able to stop by the house for lunch. It was great catching up with them.
  • Keelin’s 9 month check up was great! The nurse finally called her a GIRL {she normally says, “Take him in the room and remove everything but his diaper” even though she’s dressed like a girl and it says FEMALE on her chart… who knows} but I think the fact that we went overboard with the pink had something to do with it. She’s growing like a weed, in the 75th percentile for height! She cried like we were pinching her when the pediatrician started examining her but it kind of made us all laugh.

That’s about all for us this past week. No fabric options for next week… because I’m lazy and forgot to take a picture.
If you didn’t already see it Monday, I finally opened my Etsy page… theKeenBean! Check it out and let me know what you think!

9 month check up  – nurse, pink overload

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