I know you all voted for your favorite fabric (which I will feature next week!) but I wanted to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a pink ribbon fabric and hair clip (made by moi)! Here’s to all of our loved ones who have suffered from, been lost to, and survived breast cancer.

Well, we’ve been movin’ and groovin’ this week for sure! Now that Keelin has really found her crawling rhythm she is going non stop! I think I know where she’s at and in a blink she’s across the room. But not only has she picked up lightning speed, she’s also discovered that if she pushes up on the bottom step, and lifts one of her knees, she can miraculously ascend to the next level! Yes, mommy and daddy have been taking turns following her up the steps. ALL THE WAY UP THE STEPS. Now, before you get all, “OH MY GAH WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A BABY GATE?” allow me to explain. We do have a baby gate, but it’s crappy and old and we’re in need of a new one. We are a family of researchers so I’ve been browsing the Intertron {Thank you Jell Jell for introducing me to this fantastic new word} to find the best gate for the best price. Any suggestions from YOU mommies would be aces. We will be purchasing at least 2 {maybe 3 since the area underneath our steps is NOT baby safe and there’s nowhere else to put all the crap it holds in this tiny house. Any other moms find that your house somehow shrinks once a child takes over?} gates this week/weekend. Keelin has always been very interested in cords, remotes, and anything else electronic and potentially hazardous to her health now that she can get to things faster, she’s become a pro at finding exactly what she’s not supposed to have. I’m not sure if you know this, but “no” is a funny work. Yes, I discovered it this past week when I looked at my feet to see Keelin tugging on the laptop charger. I got down at her level and said “NO” in a stern but not scary tone and proceeded to pull the cord out of her hand. Her response? The most adorable laugh you could possibly imagine. Apparently the word “no” is a catalyst for adorable laughter. I was unaware. My daughter is teaching me so much.

In addition to being a crawling machine Keelin has also pumped up her ‘walking’. And by that I mean she loves to hold on to the edge of the coffee table and shuffle herself all the way around the edge. I noticed it the other day so I decided to see what she would do if I walked holding her hands {we wanted to make sure she crawled first so we’d been putting it off}. Like a pro, one foot in front of the other, she was walking with me. *sniffle* growing up so fast *sniffle* So, yesterday I went to Target and grabbed a fun musical walker and she’s been pushing it around the house since the moment I assembled it. She’s taken a few spills {toppling over the front of the walker when one of the wheels got caught on the ottoman leg… yes I did capture it on video and immediately texted it to family and friends} and will often get ahead of herself and wind up plopping down on her knees. I have kept her confined to the carpet when she uses it since I’m 100% positive she will eat the floor when as soon as the wheels touch the laminate of the kitchen.

Some other random tid-bits from the past week include The Bean’s first encounter with cats… kind of. There are three random fuzz balls that have been visiting our back yard lately. I blame a recent cookout and the left-over crumbs of charred hamburger stuck to the grill. Or maybe they just like torturing the dogs with their crazy-awesome fence climbing abilities. Either way, they’ve been coming onto our patio and Keelin is fascinated with them. I’m pretty sure she recognizes what they are because she’s adopted a love of photos of cats, especially the one on the back cover of her fairy tale book. She could care less about the stories and only wants to shut the book and look at the kitty on the back cover. What a nut. So whenever we notice the cats have come back to visit, she’s in a trance watching them interact. That is, until they notice we are watching and quickly run away.

Our lovely lady has also taken to conversing with the washer and dryer. We have two front-loading machines so she’s become a big fan of laundry day {wish I could say the same} because it means she gets to watch the clothes tumble, bumble, pell, mell all the live long day. Normally I can set her in the exersaucer and place her right in front of the machines for 30 minutes of entertainment, but now that the crawling has transformed her world, she will actually make her way over to them all on her own, pull up on the door, and pat the glass while chatting away. Of course, it too is adorable. I’m so thankful our daughter has filled our lives with so many adorable things so I don’t have to worry about meeting my own “cute” quota {sorry hubs}. Her cup runneth over.

In other news I’d like to announce that I’m officially a believer in the mystical magical powers of amber teething necklaces. They rock my socks and Keelin’s too!  She’s never been TOO fussy since she started teething but after having it on her for about a week, and forgetting one day, I noticed a definite difference. Especially in the mid afternoon she started to be a little fuss-butt and could only be satisfied with one of her frozen teethers. It was then that I realized she hadn’t had her necklace on all day. I made a point to see that she had it on the next day and the fuss-butt was nowhere to be seen. I’m a believer people. Hop on the amber train, it’s a pain-free ride!

Until next time…

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