LOOK AT THOSE TEEFIES! I adore this picture, and this week’s fabric. It’s not the only flamingo print you’ll see {my aunt gave me a great flamingo pattern for Christmas-time} and even though it’s technically fall I feel like the flamingos are like a send-off for summer. I miss you already.

So it seems my daughter has a flare for theatrics, which is not limited to her sense of dramatic timing. The past few weeks she has taken to holding off on a BIG EVENT until right after I post the previous week’s onesie blog. A few weeks ago it was saying “mama”. Last week it was deciding to crawl. This week it she doubled up and gave us her first wave AND her first coffee table face plant. Let’s discuss the happier of the two events.

For a while The Bean has been very interested in her hands. Examining them, opening and closing them, watching how they are able to pick up her toys. It’s all very fascinating. All of a sudden last Wednesday, Keelin was hauling diaper across the room and decided she would stop crawling, sit up, look over at Z and I, and wave her adorably chubby little hand. You could hear our hearts melting all over the floor. We waved back, I squealed, and Z said, “I taught her that”. Sneaky daddy. We always wave at her of course, but he’d been doing some waving boot camp. Now she waves at everyone. Z, me, the dogs, strangers in line at the grocery store, and my personal favorite was when she waved to my mom’s voice coming through speaker phone. I about died from cute overload. So if you happen to see us out and about or swing by the house, be sure you wave to The Bean. She’ll greet you right back!

And now for the less “happy” of the two events. Again, on Wednesday after posting her 38sie update, The Bean took a tumble. We have baby-proofed much of the house including the corners of our coffee table, but the way I see it is that little nuggets are going to fall and bump their heads, and get stronger from each bump and bruise. There’s no getting around it unless you cover your home in bubble wrap and that’s just silly. She needs to know that it’s not the end of the world if she gets a boo boo, which is why we tend to burst into cheers of excitement when she does fall and knock her noggin, to try to keep her {and mommy} from having a meltdown. So we were watching Sesame Street and Keelin was her usual non-stop self. Up, down, crawl, roll, sit, pull up, reach, plop over, the works. All of a sudden, while pulled up on the coffee table, she lunged for something {probably a coaster} and I heard a loud crack followed by the thud of her hitting the floor. Que cheer of distraction. Que tears. This one was more than just a run-of-the-mill bump on the head. I picked her up and through little whimpers she nuzzled into my shoulder {le sigh}. As I rubbed her back and repeated “you’re ok, you’re ok” in a sweet and encouraging voice, she quickly quieted down. I knew she was fine but when she lifted her head from my shoulder my heart dropped. She had blood all over her mouth. Trying not to freak out {and great HER out} I swiftly took her upstairs to the bathroom, got a damp cloth, and patted the blood from her mouth. I was sure she was going to have a fat lip but when I got all the blood cleared away, there was no sign of a cut on her mouth. She was back to her happy and giggle self, trying to bite the cloth as I continued poking around to see where the blood came from. I even checked myself to make sure she didn’t get it from a mysterious wound on me. Nothing. Finally I tipped her head back and got her to open her mouth wide enough so I could see to the roof of her mouth and finally figured it out. Her mouth must have been open {no doubt from the excitement she had toward what she was reaching for} when she hit the table because the back of her teeth were bloody. Poor thing knocked her TEEFIES on the table. I made sure the bleeding had stopped and ‘brushed’ her teeth with my little finger brush and all was well. The bleeding started back up randomly a few times later that day, all of which were just after she ate so the sucking probably opened the flood gates. BUT, by the next day there was no sign of her toothy tale and all was right again with the world.

Saturday Keelin attended her first BIRTHDAY PARTY as her friend Ruthie celebrated 1 year! We had a lot of fun, especially playing in all the tissue paper that came from Rue’s presents. We silly adults don’t quite understand that it’s the tissue paper that is the REAL toy {something to remember for Keelin’s 1st birthday… which I’m already starting to plan!}

In other news, and on a much sadder note, I’d like to reach out to you all for some help. Z and I were saddened on Friday night to learn that one of his high school friends was shot and killed. She was out behind her work, cleaning out a rental car, when a man walked up to her, asked her for money, and then shot her. Her coworker found her later and she was able to give a brief description of the shooter before she died later at the hospital. It’s such a tragedy and I am truly heartbroken to think that someone could be so cruel. I had only met her once but remember being very fond of her kindness, beauty, and intelligence. I ask that anyone who reads this {especially those who lives in Ga} please share the news report link. Facbeook, Twitter, you name it. We are hoping that if enough people see it, someone will come forward as a witness. It happened at around 5:00 on Friday across the street from a busy bus station so there had to have been someone who saw something. This man must be found and held accountable for his crime.

Until next time…

6 thoughts on “THIRTY-NINEsie

  1. Why are people so $&*#ing stupid? I mean really, why? The idiot that shot your friend should have been weeded out of the gene pool a LONG time ago. (I’m sorry. Too many idiots on the planet lately.)

    Oh…baby boo-boos. The grandbean had his first one this week. Don’t you feel like a terrible person for a few minutes? Time to put all of the “I should have..”, “If I’d only…”, “Next time I’ll…” thinking in the garbage and leave it there. Forever. Well…maybe any appropriate “next time…” every now and then. It is what it is. “All things work together for good…”

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