I’m obsessed with this photo for four reasons.

  1. The winning fabric fit the weather perfectly. Rain, rain, rain, all day yesterday. Even soaked the pups when the bottom fell out and I forgot I had let them out. Oops!
  2. Her face describes my feeling toward the whole day yesterday… because of said rainy and gloomy and dreary and depressing weather.
  3. Bye Bye headband! I’m sure I’ll use them again but I was too excited by the fact that she has enough hair for a solo alligator clip to hang on to!
  4. She is totally holding an imaginary umbrella. Boom… my kid is a genius.

What an exciting week it’s been. Last Wednesday, about three hours after posting her 37 week onesie post, Keelin decided it was time to discover her knees…and crawl. I DO have a video of one of the many times I coerced her into crawling again that day, {yes I lured my child with an iPhone} but it is currently on Z’s phone. If we’re friends on Facebook you’ve probably seen it already, but I will try to get it uploaded here soon. And that, ladies and gents, is the day our whole world changed. By that I mean, that was the day we realized we’d never be able to sit still… ever again! Goodness this girl can haul diaper! One minute she’s sitting right next to us and the next she’s standing up at the back door looking out at the dogs. Whenever I find that she’s high-tailed it across the room I’ll call her name and she pops her head up from wherever she is and gives me the most adorable nose-wrinkling tiny-toothed grin that clearly says “you’re in for it now mama!” She’s movin’ and grovin’ for sure and we quickly discovered that the minimal amounts of baby proofing we had done when she first started pulling up were just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we needed to do. She’s into anything and everything, but has a particular fascination with shoes, coasters, and Z’s birthday cards. WHICH, brings us to another great occurence from this past week, HUBBY HAD A BIRTHDAY!

I usually spend a lot of time writing out a sweet and witty {at least I like to think so} post dedicated to him to share on his birthday but I was a little busy trying to plan a surprise party without him catching on. Sunday was the big 26 {why do people always say “big” in front of a birthday age? I mean I feel like “big” should be reserved for birthdays in 5-year increments, but now “big” seems to be a worthy description for any age. I guess with all the talk of raptures and the impending end of the world we should consider each year a “big” deal, right?} and while Z thought we were just having a cookout with the fam, I actually sent out invites to a truckload of friends to join us as a surprise. He kind of caught on as I feverishly cleaned the entire house, planted flowers out on the patio, and coerced him into bust out the leaf blower to clear off the bricks by the grill. Yes, my husband cleaned for his own party. Thankfully he missed me coming into the house with enough hot dogs and buns to feed a small country. We had a great turn out and a wonderful time celebrating with some truly amazing people. We’re so blessed. So, my apologies to hubby dearest for not giving my ritual HAPPY BIRTHDAY blog post, where I would have undoubtedly listed 26 reasons why I love you. I was too busy making that TO DIE FOR 8-layer red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, while slowly slipping into a sugar coma from licking the bowl.

In other news I finally snagged a teething necklace for our little beaver baby. Two teeth up top and two on the bottom makes for a drooly, achy baby so I wanted to give the mystical powers of amber a try. I ordered it about a week and a half ago from One Alaskan Mama on Etsy. {She has some great stuffs, you should check her out!} It arrived in record time and while it was beautiful, about 8 of the pieces were completely crushed. I’m talking powdered amber crushed. Grace was wonderful and quickly replaced it for me so now Keelin is rocking the runway with her first necklace ever! I can’t say I’m totally convinced that it works, because she’s only had it for two days, BUT… lately she’s been getting into a pattern of needing something frozen to chew on mid-afternoon and yesterday she didn’t. It may be a fluke, but we’ll see how things go the rest of this week and I’ll give you an update once I’ve been dazzled. Any other mommies try out amber teething necklaces? Are you sold or skeptical?

We’ve been working a little more on letting Keelin “cry it out” which has been the toughest part of the last few weeks. I posted on twitter that it was harder than labor… and that’s saying something coming from someone who went au natural. Honestly, I can’t imagine a more distressing sound than hearing your baby cry. Even though I know she’s fine and just pissed at me for not rocking her to sleep, it’s still hard to hear. And even worse when I finally break and go into her room to find her all puffy faced and splotchy. PUH, heartbreak. I will say that we’ve made some strides with crying it out… both of us! Hubs is a pro and has been such an amazing support system for me as I struggle through. The other night I was so exhausted that I was a little loopy and cranky so when Keelin woke up in the middle of the night it was all I could do not to go straight to the nursery to keep her from crying. Z actually rolled over, threw his leg over me, and snuggled with me. He gave me some words of encouragement that I’m keeping to myself, because they were that sweet, sincere, and special, and helped me to let her do her thing. It wasn’t long before she plopped back down and put herself back to sleep. I was relieved and proud of myself for staying strong. Later in the night I was shocked awake by the worst sound I had ever heard. I instantly thought it was Keelin screaming some kind of blood-curdling banshee scream, and it took me about 30 seconds of staring at the video monitor to realize that she was still sound asleep and the noise was coming from two asshole cats playing Fight Club just outside our bedroom window. Seriously, is there a more terrifying sound than two cats fighting? Horrific. Damn cats.

Time for another batch of fabric! *By the way… thank you all for the sweet blog and Facebook comments and tips on Keelin’s 1-year blanket. You’ve given me some great ideas and I’m feeling really inspired. Heading to JoAnn today to snag the last of her onesie fabrics and see if they have a quilting class worth taking. I really want it to be amazing!*

Until next time…

9 thoughts on “THIRTY-EIGHTsie

  1. Sleep, sleep where has it gone? I feel for you mama, V sleeps with us for 5 months now, wakes up 5+ times at night. I’ve been reading this book “No-cry sleep solution” it has some nice tips and suggestions (in case you want to check it out!). Crying it out is too much to handle 😉

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