First Year Memories via Fabric and Thread

Happy Friday ya’ll!

As you are all well aware I have a bit of a fabric collection left over from Keelin’s weekly onesie pictures. And it’s not even complete yet! After counting out my current stock in comparison to the number of weeks left until her 1st birthday {holy crap it’s so close} I only need to purchase 4 more yards! I still need to get something for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the big 1 year…leaving me with one more that simply screams BUY ME! I do have a number of options that you haven’t seen yet in the weekly poll, but most of those have specific intentions. As you are also probably hopefully aware, I’m planning on making a masterpiece-of-sorts with said fabric collection to celebrate The Bean’s first year in the world.

I’ve been throwing a few different ideas around and of course pulling from my original inspiration {way better than my photos}, John and Sherry of Young House Love. But in the end I decided I wanted to make something that Keelin will be able to keep with her forever and ever amen. So lets see…

Could be some kind of clothing, but that would be one busy blazer if I tried to fit all 52 weeks worth into one piece.
Could be some kind of decoration, but that’s still an awful lot of color to be displayed in her room all the time, especially when she gets older and actually has an opinion about the design of her room.
Could make a blanket of sorts, representing each week of the first year with a swatch of fabric… THAT’S IT!

Decision made! A blanket/quilt it is!

I’ve already plotted it out and this is the mock up so far:

I took a screenshot of the fabric from each weekly photoshoot so I could get an idea of what it would look like. I haven’t decided what color/pattern I’ll use for the corners and outside border but I’m totally in love with it so far. I was worried at first that I wasn’t going to like it without a defined pattern {because I’m OCD like that} but I realized the pattern wasn’t the most important thing, it’s the record of her first year. I love how each fabric is in order of what week it was used. The only problem is that a few of the weeks I used fabrics that I can’t exactly cut up {i.e. week 4 is our bedspread, week 12 is already a blanket, and week 30 is my mother’s flip flop beach towel}. I’m thinking about printing the actual picture of Keelin on the fabric for those weeks but I might have to add a few more in to make it a little balanced. Basically what I’m trying to say is that it’s a work in progress but I’m really excited about it!

If you have experience quilting/sewing I’d love some tips on how to make this go smoothly! And if you have any suggestions for the colors on the corners and outside border, I’m all ears.

I’ll keep you posted on updates to the idea but for now, what do you think? Good idea or am I totally nuts?

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “First Year Memories via Fabric and Thread

  1. I would use pieces of her/your favorite clothing from this year that she’s worn so much she’s just worn it out, as opposed to just outgrown it. Or, land-mark pieces – IE, a piece of the onesie/blanket she used on the way home from the hospital, the outfit she wore the day she walked/crawled for the first time, the outfit she wears when she turns a year. Also, instead of trying to print a picture on the fabric (the ink will wear unevenly, especially if she uses it a lot), I would try to find pieces of fabric as close as you can to signify those weeks.

    The other thing I would do is use solid, complementary colours to hallmark each week (a big maroon one on the first week, mint-green two on the second, so-on), though that’s going to be some tricky quilting. Still, I’d quilt it on as opposed to using applique or embroidery, since that will have a tendency to wear off quicker if used. Quilting gives you the option to make it “puffy”, too, and puffy is what quilts are all about, IMHO. I would, however, use embroidery to mark the “landmark” swatches.

    You, like me, seem to choose predominant blues (I love blues. All the baby clothes I’ve bought are blue, boy or girl, and I’m not even preggers yet.), I would use a deep blue or a tie-dyed pattern with blue as the predominant colour for the backing. If you need help, let me know – I love quilting. I just wish I had more time to actually quilt. Or scrapbook. Or sew in general.

    • you are AWESOME! I didn’t think about using some of her clothes! What a great idea, thank you for passing it along!
      I’m definitely going to pick your brain considering it’s my first time ever attempting anything like this!

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