There was a tie for this week’s fabric but Keelin picked Dot it Red. I also have plans for this fun fabric, so I may or may not have swayed her vote.

There’s not a whole lot of NEW news to report from last week except that Keelin has become a rock start at standing on her own. She still needs to pull up but once she’s standing she’s quick to let go of whatever she’s holding onto and proceed to do an adorable little balancing dance. I love watching her rock back and forth from her toes to her heels trying to maintain balance. Future dancer in the making people!  She’s finally realized that she can sit herself down once she’s standing too. She spent most of Monday night’s first hour of “The Voice” pulling up on the coffee table and plopping back down on her butt. Over and over again. I think she probably busted out about 5 sets of 10 reps. Another successful baby boot camp if you ask me! The fact that she can sit herself back down has helped naptime a lot. She has the wonderful habit of going immediately to standing when she gets fussy in her crib and would work herself up so much by not realizing she could sit back down. Which, of course, resulted in me needed to lay her back down in the crib to start the whole cycle over again. Yesterday was the first day that she transitioned herself from standing to laying down {all while screaming of course} so she sooth herself to sleep. This mama was doing a happy happy joy joy dance while watching it on the monitor. Hooray for cognitive growth!

Keelin is still eating food like a slob champ so I tried getting her to feed herself this week. I wanted to see what she would do with food she picked up and let me tell you, this girl is just like her father when it comes to getting her hands dirty. She grabbed a piece of banana and looked at it like she’d just touched the nastiest, slimiest, goopiest, muck in the world. She dropped the chunk and proceeded to examine her sticky little hand as she opened and closed it. Her hand got stickier and stickier as the banana dried and the faces she made in protest were priceless. It’s become clear that we’ve got a bit of a primadonna on our hands. Especially after Monday morning when she went to reach for my hair {which she loves to grab, pull on, and thoroughly examine} only to find that it was fresh-from-the-shower wet. She made a face like she’d just smelled one of the Boston butt bombs and looked up at me as if you say, “Um, mom that’s gross, you need to take care of that”. Love her.

She has turned into QUITE the little chatter box and has started calling out to specific things in the room, especially the dogs. Her new favorite ‘word’ is GAK. It’s like she’s going to say Ga-Ga but cuts her self off before getting that second Ga in there so it’s just gak, gak, gak. Sometimes it sounds more like “duck” and other more like “dog”. Then she’ll pull a fast one on us and cause a double take sounding like she’s cursing at us. Stinker. Along with ‘gak’ I am THRILLED to announce that {even though I already reported her saying DADA and MAMA amidst her babbling} she said MAMA this week! Seriously people. Not just babbles. I said, “Keelin say mama” and she looked right at me and repeated it. I just about cried {who am I kidding, I did cry}. So needless to say I’ve been getting her to say it non stop. It makes my heart leap every time I hear it. I was really surprised that DADA didn’t come out first but she’s been really working her mouth lately and in order to feel her teeth she’ll tuck her bottom lip in when she talks… therefore creating the MMM sound. It’s just about the sweetest thing ever. Especially when I’m not paying attention and I hear her say it again. I’ll look over and see her staring at me giggling. Proud proud moments!

I always say that I don’t have anything “new” to report and then I end up filling the page. Guess I can’t help bragging on my little lady.

Until next time…

8 thoughts on “THIRTY-SEVENsie

    • I’m learning! I would love to make a big quilt/blanket using a swatch from each. Currently trying to learn and plan it out to see if it’s possible!
      How’s that bun cookin??? soon!

      • I would love to do a quilt next. I’ve done a couple of faux quilts, just to get the idea of a blanket down, but nothing as detailed as a real quilt. My friend is an actual sewer (as opposed to me, a novice) and uses these plastic squares from the cloth store as a guide, instead of using a ruler and making minor mistakes that could throw the thing off.

        And oh man, SO soon! I’m 39 weeks today!

      • OOh, the plastic squares sound like a good idea! I’m going to look into taking a quilting class at JoAnn (right down the street… dangerous) because I really want to get it right! I’m so eager to start.

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