I’m so in love with this week’s fabric! I’ve been eyeing at JoAnn it for weeks now and finally decided to snag it {60% off coupon, woot woot!} so I was excited when it won the poll. Getting closer and closer to Keelin’s first birthday has me excited, and in planning mode, to make something really special out of all the fun prints. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop once things get moving. I have a feeling if I don’t start it soon that 52 week onesie shoot will have snuck up on me!

*Does anyone else think Keelin’s pose this week looks like Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove? Specifically in the beginning of this scene…

I do.

This past week has been quite eventful. First things first… we lowered the crib. Just one notch though. I know it would have been easier to just drop it all the way down but I’m a in a little bit of denial that she is even able to pull herself up so that last notch will just have to wait. She can still see over the railing but she can just barely get her chin over it instead of her torso like before. It’s the perfect level for chewing on the edge of the crib… which brings me to update numero dos… TOOTH #3 IS HERE! I noticed it yesterday when she was being a roly poly goofball. She was climbing all over me on the couch and ended up with her head down at my knees {feet up on my chest}. She was a’chattin away so I could see the top of her mouth and there it was peeking through. Of course I instantly shoved my finger in her mouth to double check and sure enough, my eyes did not deceive me. Tooth #3. They certainly do come in swarms don’t they!? We’ll see how much longer breastfeeding lasts… {dear Keelin, please don’t bite the boob that feeds you…}

Keelin also went on her first boat ride this past weekend! Some dear dear friends of ours will be spending the next 13 months in London *sniffle* and we had a wonderful bon voyage party at their parent’s lake house to celebrate their journey. For the most part we hung out on the dock and swam close to the shore. Keelin got in her starfish float and we tested out a new life jacket. It was much better than the one we got before and ended up returning. She didn’t love it but she didn’t scream, just calmly showed her disapproval so we held on and let her float on her back for a few minutes before setting her upright and hoisting her back into the boat. When it came time to bring the boat back under the covered dock, they decided to take a quick spin around the lake. Keelin loved it. She was far too excited  so you bet your butt I had my arms tightly wrapped around her middle the whole time! She was squealing and chatting up a storm, it was too adorable.

Lastly, Keelin has her first experience with a sippy cup. I feel like she’s behind the times but since, outside of her two meals of {homemade} pureed food, I’m still exclusively breastfeeding she really doesn’t NEED extra fluids. I wanted to see what she would do with it since she isn’t used to holding a bottle and was pleasantly surprised to see her grab the handle and bring it right to her mouth. She wasn’t sure what to do at first but gave quite the face when she got that first sup of water. She’s not a fan… but will be. 🙂

I’d like to take a minute to give myself a little plug! If you didn’t know already, Life in these times… is on Facebook! In conjunction with my next ‘business venture’ I want to host a giveaway, but first I need some more followers! I know, I feel guilty asking for things like this but I want to make the giveaway worth while so I don’t only have two people enter. 😛 Selfish selfish me!
SO, tell your friends, tell your family, hide your kids, hide your wife, and go “like” Life in these times… on Facebook .:) And just so you know, I’ve been sharing some awesome stuff lately so you will actually ENJOY being a follower! OK… that’s enough self promotion. Now I’m feeling yucky.

Until next time…

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