My swirly girl! I had to choose this photo because I felt like she positioned her body to be curvy like the fabric! Because she’s a genius.

Keelin has certainly had a BOOST in her enthusiasm for GRABBING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT this past week! She still hasn’t discovered her knees in terms of crawling but that doesn’t stop her from scooting, rolling, pulling, and shifting to whatever it is she wants.  I’ll put her on the playmat behind me and in a blink of an eye I’ll realize she’s under my chair trying to get to one of the dogs. We’re definitely in for it once she really gets going. Plus, she totally shocked Z and I the other morning while we were getting ready for church. After rolling around the bedroom floor for a while she pushed up on the edge of her Bumbo {which is much shorter than she is} and just let go and stood right up on her own. Like it was nothing, she flexed those tiny abs {do babies have abs?} and brought her torso from 90 degrees to straight up. I resisted the urge to squeal because I didn’t want to startle her. Thankfully I didn’t because she stood there, unassisted for a good minute before plopping back down on her butt. *sniffle* SHE’S GROWING UP SO FAST!!! *sniffle*

We also had the arrival of a 2nd tooth a few days ago! It was so strange because I was just admiring her single claim to toothy fame the night before then during an exceptionally long squeal the next morning I noticed #2! Sneaky teeth! Needless to say we’re keeping our teething toys nice and frozen for instant relief. I think now that they seem to be on a roll I might look into one of those Amber teething necklaces. Has anyone had success with them?

I’ve had a lot of friends and family request videos of my mobile girl… since I keep talking about it with no actual proof. SO, ask and ye shall receive. I have far too many videos to share but I picked a few favorites.

The first is a glimpse into our weekly photoshoots. This is the ONLY time that she actually stays fairly still {She moves a plenty but she definitely knows what’s going on and stays on her back for me to snap some shots} but she’s still so animated and chatty. Please notice the ear grabbing. It’s my favorite!

Next is one of her favorite past times… especially if Veggie Tales is on the boobtube, BOUNCING! She will go and go and go like this for 45 minutes until she’s nice and sweaty. And yes, I do snort with laughter.

And finally, a longer video of her standing, babbling, ‘barking’ and her roly poly skills. Please pardon my disobedient dog and the dryer in the background.

I’ll be sure to share videos more often 🙂

Until next time…

**UPDATE… just watched Keelin on the monitor as she was waking up from her nap. She hasn’t been able to go from laying down to sitting you and I just watched her do it like a pro. Then she proceeded to grab the edge of the crib and stand up. Pierce history in the making 🙂 Time to lower the mattress!!!

10 thoughts on “THIRTY-FIVEsie

  1. She is such a great jumper! Too cute. How long does she play by herself like that? We just started jumperoo, he’ll last at the most 2 minutes 😦

    • She’ll keep herself occupied for a while! I can usually put her in there and get some things done for like 10-15 minutes. Even if she isn’t jumping she’s checking out all the bells and whistles or watching tv.

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