I love how she’s smooshing her ear. And, in case you were wondering, her hair piece is another preview of something I’m working on that may or may not end up on Etsy. Thoughts?

This week’s post is brought to you by the letter P and the number 25.

P. P is for poop. Sometimes life with babies means you have a Plethora of Poop. Other times there may be a Paucity {you like that vocab usage?} This week we’ve definitely been lacking in the poop department. It sounds like a weird thing to be ‘missing’ but when a certain adorable little lady is fussy and uncomfortable , mommy starts hoping that the poop will proliferate {I’m on a roll!}!  Yes, the little lady battled a very unhappy case of constipation this week. THANKFULLY it’s over and she’s pooping like a champ again, but for a few days there we were not happy campers. The worst part is not knowing what sparked said BLOCKAGE. Her diet was the same, mine hadn’t changed drastically, and all of the ‘natural’ remedies weren’t working. Warm bath, tummy rub, pumping her legs. They all seemed to ease her discomfort but she finally just had to get over it herself.  I did contact the pediatrician for some tips and insight as to why she might be having trouble and what I can do to help. I was left disappointed when the nurse called back and was no help. She registered as a blocked number so I didn’t pick up the phone, but she did leave an infuriating message. Not only did she constantly refer to Keelin as “he” {you all know my thoughts on people making this mistake, and quite frankly when you’re in the medical field calling about a PATIENT you should check to see if they are male or female. Honestly.} but she called to ask ME why Keelin was constipated. Hello. That’s what I’m calling you for. Yes my observations would help make a diagnosis but when I leave a message saying, “My almost 8-month-old is constipated and I would like to know ways to help relive it and what to avoid so it doesn’t happen again” clearly I’m hoping your medical knowledge will give me some answers. I think Keelin could tell that mommy was pissed because about an hour after I got the message {when I called back the office was closed… ugh} she kicked some constipation butt! {pun intended} Thankfully she’s comfortable and happy again!

25. 25 is for how many seconds my little daredevil stood COMPLETELY UNASSISTED last night. As you know, Keelin has been ‘standing’ for over a month. She loves getting up on her feet and whether by someone’s hands or the closest sturdy surface, she’s been using some kind of support. From time to time I will pull my hands away to see how good her balance is and she’ll last for a few seconds before starting to tip {No, I don’t let her fall}. Last night she shocked Z and I by standing up UNASSISTED for 25 seconds. And this wasn’t just a lucky discovery of balance, she was working hard to stay upright! She’d lean forward and straighten her back up, then start to bend her knees and lock them back again, all the while holding her hands out to the side like you would on a balance beam. I couldn’t believe it. To prove that it wasn’t a fluke I set her up to try again and BOOM, round 2 success! Now I am totally confident that she’ll be walking before she crawls.  She moves all around the floor with a combination of rolls, scoots, and shimmies, but has yet to get up on her knees. If you are holding her up on her feet and lean her forward she will take a few steps forward so it’s only a matter of time before she’s running around the house. Time to start baby proofing!

All in all it’s been another great week. We re-arranged the living room to create an office/craft space and I totally love it. It’s so much easier to work downstairs where the majority of Keelin’s toys are instead of having to bring stuff back and forth up to the bedroom where the computer used to be. Here’s a picture! Take away the folding chair and nasty white patches on the walls and you’ve got the perfect home office!

I love the new space and even though our bedroom still hasn’t been put back together yet, I really love that it’s now a technology-free zone. The bedroom should be serene and romantic and a giant computer screen can throw that off a bit.

That’s all for now. I’m off to play with the best little personality on the planet 🙂

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “THIRTY-FOURsie

  1. Awww, poor Poopsie! Seeing as the Teter’s have become an expert in the Constipation Category, I’d have to say the one thing that has been very helpful is PRUNES. As gross as they are (you couldn’t pay me enough to down a glass of it), they really help “get things going” for our little one. We started having issues when Ellie started on whole milk at 1. Too much of it can really stop things up. Now that she’s 2, and on Low-Fat milk, its been much better. I’m sure you could whip some up in your Baby Bullet, but I get the Plum Organics “Just Prunes” pouches (found at Target). If its not something you think she’s ready for, you may be able to mix some in with some other fruit/veggie in the bullet, so she can’t taste it.

    Kisses to that sweet bean of yours. 🙂

  2. EB got constipation occasionally. I don’t know how old they have to be to start drinking juice, but her pedi recommended pear juice…over prune juice. Apparently it’s got more fiber in it and obviously tastes better. Gerber makes one so it’s kid-friendly slash not super sugary. Just a thought. And holy cats, 25 seconds? Watch out, lady. You’re definitely going to have an early walker.

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