Seriously each week is flying by faster than the next. Maybe it’s because I’ve kicked into overdrive with working from home and the days seem to be going at light speed! I’ll have just fixed myself lunch and in a blink Z is home ready for dinner! It’s crazy-town!

Time also seems to be flying by because I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of a NUMBER of tiny humans! Friends in Va, friends here in Ga, and OF COURSE, my sweet nephew out in Cali! I’ve been making fun baby things left and right which has gotten me really excited about a not-yet-to-be-completely-revealed future on Etsy! Wahoo!

But, back to basics… how about some BEAN updates!

Keelin has gotten back into her old sleeping habits which is FANTASTIC for mommy and daddy, and I am SO appreciative for all the support we got last week. I kind of felt like I was whining because we’ve been so blessed with Keelin sleeping through the night up until last week but my fellow mommy-club members were super understanding and supportive. You rock and I’m so glad to be a member of the club!

We’re still sitting on the lone tooth which is causing quite the waterfall from Keelin’s adorable little mouth. Needless to say we’re tearing through some bibs!

Keelin’s separation anxiety has calmed down as well. She’ll still get fussy if I walk away from her, but usually only if she’s in a mood. Her ‘tiny tude’  generally revolves around me not helping her stand up. I swear watching the Olympics have given her a new goal to be a runner because she LOVES being up on her feet. As soon as I sit her down on her tooshie she reaches for the closest surface to try and pull up on. Generally it’s my hands she first reaches for which is why that ‘tiny tude’ kicks in when I don’t let her grab on. When she manages to grab hold of something other than Z or I she generally just pulls up to her knees. When she’s in the pack-in-play, which we still have set on the higher level, she isn’t tall enough to be in tipping danger so while I have been keeping an eye on her I haven’t been too concerned. That was until I walked around the corner of the kitchen last night and saw this…

Oh boy.

Now we are officially on TOPPLE-OVER-HEAD-FIRST watch and will be lowering the pack-in-play platform asap.

On the crawling front, we still haven’t gotten a REAL crawl going, but have been doing lots of scooting and shifting. I will set her on her tummy and she’ll shuffle her arms around and end up doing a full 360 rotation. The only front to back movement she does usually consists of pushing herself backwards AWAY from what she’s trying to get to. Any day now, any day!

Along with constant babbling a new and unexpected development is that she can click her tongue. I was prepping some pureed food on Saturday morning when I heard a small clicking noise. I thought it was something to do with the washer or dryer but when I remembered that I still had a huge pile of laundry NOT being cleaned, I realized it was Keelin. She was VERY busy examining some toys and was clicking away! So maybe a runner and a beat-boxer? Oh the places you will go sweet girl!

She has also taken up a new habit of pinching. Totally unintentional of course, but as she gets used to the sensation of things in her hands she will rub her little fingers around whatever she’s holding. If that happens to be the skin on mommy’s neck, arms, batflaps, or stomach, yours truly winds up with the worlds smallest Indian burn {sorry for not being PC}. She’s also gotten really good at grabbing daddy’s leg hair which is more comical than anything. At least for me. 🙂

Until next time…

7 thoughts on “THIRTY-THREEsie

  1. Hey Sara! Great post, Keelin is changing so much every week. Are you a member of Duluth Mom’s Club? I’m still trying to make it to one of Lawrenceville Moms events 🙂

  2. The MOMS groups “discriminate” by zip codes. I live on the border of Duluth/Lawr but I can only join Lawr group b/c of my zip 😦

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