thirty two week onesie photoIs there anything sweeter than baby limbs? I just want to grab those tiny hands and feet and nibble on them! It cracks me up how short her legs look in this picture considering she’s such a long lady!

Nothing much NEW to report this week. Same old same old for the bean. Teething, drooling, babbling, LUNGING out of our arms trying to get to the dogs, pulling up {eek!}, but still no actual crawling. This girl is nuts. She will twist and roll and push off of us and when we put her on the ground she either looks up at us like we’re idiots or she flattens out on her tummy. Stubborn child. Wonder where she gets it from. šŸ˜‰

We’re still recovering from the beach… meaning it still looks like we just got back what with all the bags and unpacked clothes. Oops. It will get done eventually.

We have had an unhappy change in sleeping patterns lately. I blame the teeth. While she used to sleep soundly through the night {going to bed around 9:30} she now has taken to waking up around midnight. And she is quite unhappy. A quick rock and she’s back to sleep but last night she woke up again at 1:00 and then a third time at around 2:30. Needless to say we’re all a little tired this morning. She’ll go right back to sleep with some comfort, so it’s not too terrible but it’s tough not knowing exactly what is wrong when she starts to fuss. It’s one of those emotional mommy moments when you just want to scream, “tell me what is wrong so I can make it better!!!”.

We have made some progress with food lately! She’s started HAPPILY eating a lot of the veggies she wasn’t too keen on at first. I’m thankful because I was worried I had a picky eater on my hands. I still haven’t attempted avocado again but I have a fresh stash in the freezer so maybe we’ll try today!

Until next time…

6 thoughts on “THIRTY-TWOsie

  1. OMG what a cutie pie!! She is getting SO big! Good luck with all of the teething. I feel like Landon will be there before we know it! I’m savoring his good sleeping patterns now, because I’m thinking when teething starts he’ll be doing the same thing Keelin is!

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