“OMGah you guys”
Keelin’s go-to pose when she’s happy, scared, confused, sad, you name it… grabbing her ears.

What a week we’ve had!

You should remember from last week’s post {which consisted of a total of 22 words} that we were TOO BUSY having a blast on the beach to give any kind of update! Brace yourselves, because THIS POST is jam-packed with everything I missed sharing last time!

We had a wonderful week at the beach! My tiny family met up with my mom and dad, my brother and his wife {who has the most adorable baby bump around… which I was constantly rubbing and talking to}, one uncle, three aunts, two cousins, and my aunt’s sister Linda… one of the sweetest people in the world! There were 13 of us total in two fantastic beach houses. It was the first time most of them had met Keelin so you can guess she got a lot of lovin’ and plenty of attention.

The weather that week was practically perfect which was a relief because as of the Friday before the forecast was looking GRIM. Instead we had sunshine and the perfect amount of cloud cover! It was quite toasty but the coastal breeze took care of that! Now lets see… some of the more memorable events from the week…

  • Tuesday turned out to be quite eventful when we looked a few yards down the beach and saw a huge crowd of people. Someone came up to us to fill us in on what was going on and said that a little boy was bit by a shark. {Again… this was maybe 100 yards down the beach from us} Apparently people saw him running out of the water crying for his parents with a bloody calf. He collapsed in his parent’s hands as soon as he reached them. Of course everyone cleared out of the water for the next hour or so but WHO DO YOU THINK were the first ones back in the ocean? My darling husband and brother. Yes. The only two. In the water. With the shark. Oh excuse me… the news report claimed it was an ‘unknown animal’. Aka shark. The funniest part was that, for the rest of the week, the section of the beach where the boy had come out of the water was totally empty. Everyone moved their umbrellas to either side… as if the shark {ehem, unknown animal} was ONLY in that one section of water. People are silly. Mostly everyone was back in the water the next day and we enjoyed a shark-free rest of the week!
  • Later in the week we had just come home from dinner when we caught wind of another bet of commotion on the beach. We followed the crowds and quickly learned that sea turtles were hatching! There were a number of nests along the beach and two of them had some early bloomers! (they usually don’t hatch until later in August.} So we joined a few hundred other beach go-ers and watched about 2 dozen teeny weeny turtles make their way to the ocean! They were so cute!
  • I made a GREAT decision in buying an inflatable duckie tub {it’s actually a transition tub} for the beach. Each day we would fill it with water and set Keelin in it under the umbrellas. She loves splashing in the water with her tub toys and was still able to enjoy the beach without getting pummeled with waves! And NO sandy diapers! BOOM. There was another little tyke on the beach who enjoyed Keelin’s duckie as well. A cute little ginger named Collin was very intrigued and came straight over to us to play. It became a daily playdate. Kids are stinkin cute.
  • Keelin PULLED UP for the first time! It was on my hands but I was just standing there holding her little fingers when all of a sudden she went from sitting to standing without any help! I was so shocked. I swear she will walk before she crawls… considering she’s still not that big a fan of being on her tummy.
  • We also had the arrival of our first TOOTHIE! She’s had two pale peeks for some time now but during an aggressive teething moment she bit down on my finger and I felt much more than gums. One tiny peek has made itself known {thankfully not while she’s nursing} and the drooling has been kicked up a notch!

Like I said… a great week! I’ll try to get some pictures from the beach soon!

After the beach we headed to the Eastern Shore of Va to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday. It was more family and friends, great celebration, and much more attention for the little one! Our ride home was the LONGEST Keelin has ever had and she did great. It took us about 11 hours in the car and we only had a few tears.

Now however, the water works are on full blast. Thanks to all that attention and lovin, Keelin’s been a big ol’ fuss-butt since getting home. While at the beach she was always being played with and now that it’s just mommy at home, she’s going through some major separation anxiety. I walk out of her sight and she fusses. I put her down and she fusses. It’s going to be an interesting week getting back into our normal routine without constant contact! I ate an entier pint of Mayfield MooseTracks last night to ease my stress.

Can we go back to the beach?? Wish me luck the rest of this week!

Until next week…



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