weekly onesie 29 weeks

this headband doesn’t taste nearly as good as it looks!!

Last week was such a whirlwind! While I spend much of the week adding bumps and bruises to my breastfeeding bod during the SIDEWAYS tech week {our show was great and we got a lot of wonderful feedback}, my mom got some much-needed quality time with the little lady.  It was nightly babysitting for Gammie and she loved every minute of it! Saying goodbye to my parents never gets easier but this time wasn’t so bad considering in T-minus 3 days we’ll all be together again for a week at the BEACH! Keelin’s first toes-in-the-sand experience! Don’t worry, there will be many many pictures!

It’s really amazing to see Keelin grow right in front of me. This past week has been exceptionally eye opening. Until now, when Keelin reached for things it was more of a ‘searching’ reach. She would extend her arms out toward something but her focus and depth perception would be slightly off. Now she knows exactly what she’s grabbing and exactly how far it is from her. Her balance has also gotten much stronger. She is a pro at sitting up on her own but had a tendency to topple all the way over when she gets thrown off. Now she’ll twitch herself back upright or flex her core in an attempt to stay off her back. It’s pretty impressive.

She’s also become quite the little chatter box, and far more than just random noises because she feels like it. She has an adorable little grunt that she’ll give to try and get your attention and if you grunt back at her, a fun filled grunt exchange will ensue. The sound alone is cute but it’s the fact that her whole body kind of jolts with each grunt that gets me. She’s also filled with giggles and bubble blowing babbles. I can’t get enough of it!

Like I said before… we’re headed to the beach next week but I have a few fun posts lined up including one that requires YOUR HELP!

Until next time…

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