Thanks to the gloomy weather today we only had enough natural light to make her toes glow. Stupid random weather. Pardom my lazy editing job.

It’s been a WONDERFUL week and Keelin and I have both been having a BLAST with Gammie! She arrived last Thursday and we are thankful she’ll be here through Monday!

Keelin has loved spending time with her Gammie for sure but I’ve definitely felt beyond blessed to have her here as well. Not only am I CONSTANTLY missing my parents but with all the doctor’s appointments {general check ups… nothing’s wrong!} and dance rehearsals {BLACKOUT opens this weekend!} this week has been exceptionally hectic. I didn’t want Z to have to take off work so it’s wonderful that my mom can be here to hang out with the bean while we’re coming and going. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t mind the extra cuddle time either! We miss having my dad here as well but are COUNTING down the days until our BEACH VACATION where we get to see him, my brother, sister-in-law {with her adorable baby bump} and a ton more family! Can’t wait!

Keelin had her 6 month check-up on Monday and did a great job! She was so curious around the doctor and kept grabbing for his watch, stethoscope, and the pen in his pocket. We all got a kick out of it. We were NOT too happy about the next round of shots however. She was a brave little soldier though, and only cried for a few seconds while she was actually getting the shots. Once she was up in my arms and could burrow her head in my shoulder, everything was ok and the elephant tears stopped. It never fails to break my heart seeing her like that. You’d think it would get easier, but it just doesn’t.

But the BIGGEST news to report is that I’ve officially evened the score after this morning’s babble session when Keelin said LOUD AND CLEAR… MAMA!

Again… it was amidst babbles and may or may not have been directed at me but I heard it and it counts… so there! I’m sure I’ll ‘count’ it all over again when she actually looks at me and calls to me for the first time, but being that she hasn’t been using the ‘mmmm’ sound until now, it’s definitely a milestone in my book!

No fabric vote this week since my iPhoto decided to go crazy on me and I can’t get to any of my fabric photos. I realize I could take another but it’s tech week and I’m too tired.

Until next time…

If you are in the Atlanta area and are looking for something FANTASTIC to do this weekend you should DEFINITELY see BLACKOUT: The Struggle for Equality, presented by SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company.

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