baby on star spangled fabric

why yes my mommy DID make my adorable 4th of July pin wheel bow!

Since Keelin is totally getting into the July 4th spirit, what with her perfectly posed SPEECH arms, I’ve decided to call this week’s picture, “Four diapers and seven paci’s ago”. Keelin is quite the patriot.

So I know you all voted for this week’s fabric, and as you can tell I went with NONE of the options. But what kind of mother-who-takes-weekly-photos-on-colorful-fabric-backdrops would I be if I didn’t feature a PATRIOTIC fabric on July 4th??!!

A crazy one, that’s what!

This week has been particularly special considering the babbles have officially begun. Before now it’s been mostly coo’s and squeals but all of a sudden this past Saturday, Keelin decided she was ready to really be heard. Baba, gaga, wawa, and even DADA started spewing out of her mouth as if she’d been babbling since birth! Yes, another mother has lost the battle of claiming “mama” as her child’s first word. I originally wasn’t going to “count” DADA because the first time I heard it clearly, it was mixed in with a bunch of other ‘a’ sounding words. Then I forfeited the battle when a stream of dada’s continued shortly after. It’s even marked in her baby book.

I’m also predicting the arrival of one or more teeth in the next week or so. My drool machine has turned on her HIGH PERFORMANCE BOOSTERS and, when accompanied with the babbling, is soaking every bib and onesie she comes in contact with. It’s gross, but adorable, and upon deeper investigation I have discovered two tiny white peaks on her bottom row. Any day now!

In other news, I ran to Target last night, in the monsoon, to find Keelin a life jacket. We were hoping to take her out on the lake with some friends today and I wanted to make sure she would be super safe. Let me just say that I can’t imagine how ANY infant would find comfort in these pieces of junk. I snagged this one…

…and brought it home to try it on her. What a mess. The neck hole is tiny, the neck strap doesn’t adjust, and she was fighting to keep her face up above the front chest panel. I have a very happy child and this thing sucked any and all happiness from her with the click of a buckle. We took it off and did some more research, but it seemed that most life jackets for teeny weenie’s are all the same, with dismal reviews. OR, they have great reviews and are $80. No thank you. Not for something she will probably only wear one time. SO, we are foregoing the lake for a coast guard free lake where Keelin can float in her inflatable starfish and NOT cry uncontrollably. Win.

I’m super excited because tomorrow morning Keelin and I are heading to the airport to pick up my mom! She’s staying for nearly 2 weeks and we’re so excited. Dad was going to come for the weekend but these RIDICULOUS storms across the east coast mean he’s stuck in his office watching how many people in Va still have power. We’re bummed but are thankful we were able to see him during our surprise visit and will be seeing MUCH of the family soon during a beach trip! So much fun to be had this summer. I feel like I was so boring before having a kid.  😛

Since it was such a close race between the last fabric choices, I’m giving everyone a chance to vote if they haven’t already! Here are the options for next week’s onesie fabric!

Until next time… 

Have a very HAPPY and FIREWORK-FILLED 4th!

P.S. Check out what’s in store at the end of next week… SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company presents BLACKOUT: The Struggle for Equality

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