I’m sorry, what’s that?
My daughter is how old today?
She can’t be.
It’s been half a year?
My itty bitty teeny weenie can’t possibly be 6 months old.

I realize now that I never really grasped the concept of time ‘flying’ by until I look back at how fast these past 6 months have gone. Yes, friends and family, our little bean is 6 MONTHS OLD TODAY!!! To ‘celebrate’ I’ll be sorting through Keelin’s closet to wash all of her 6 month clothes and pack away anything that no longer fits. It’s always a milestone in my mind when I can transition her fully into the next size up and I’ve been putting it off until today. Don’t worry, she still has plenty of 3-6 month clothes that fit, but it won’t be long until she’s outgrown them all!

I absolutely love this week’s picture {duh}. It’s so bright and fun and I love how she’s showing off her new flower… which, by the way, was made by yours truly. I’ve been aching to try my hand at opening an Etsy shop for some of the little nik-nacs I like to make but I’m a little paranoid that I’m going to be one of those people who thinks they are oh-so-talented when they are actually just fooling themselves. Be honest… am I just fooling myself? Should I give it a try? Would you buy my nik-nacs?

Anyway… I shared a little bit with you last week about all the excitement we had SURPRISING my parents in VA. Keelin, the pups, and I drove up on Monday and had a wonderful week seeing a ton of friends and family. Keelin even got a hug and kiss from her first boyfriend… my dear friend Lindsie’s son Levi! Check out this chunky-butt-stud-muffin

GAH, love him!

We met Lindsie and her boys (she has two sons and a step-son) for a walk in the park and while he was timid at first, by the end of the morning Levi was giving Keelin hugs and kisses left and right. It’s a match made in heaven people. Their will rival Kate and William’s… but will be way better.

We drove out to Williamsburg to visit my dad’s parents and then over to the Eastern Shore of Va to see my mom’s parents. We had a few visitors over to the house and even topped off the trip seeing one set of Z’s grandparents on their beautiful Virginia farm. That visit would have been perfect if the dogs didn’t take off down the SUPER LONG driveway and out into the street causing me to chase after them in my flip-flops hoping they didn’t get hit by a car. A small part of me was pissed off enough that I wouldn’t have been totally heartbroken had they gotten hit {back off PETA} but thankfully I caught up with them and didn’t have to scrape boston butts off the pavement after all. Little shits.

By the end of the trip we were both totally over being in the car but it was all worth it. Gammie and Granddaddy were tickled to spend the week loving on the bean and get to do it all again through much of July! I love when our visits are close together! It makes my day and warms my heart for Keelin to get to spend time with them. We are blessed to have Z’s parents so close by and Keelin gets to see them quite often but it’s extra special for me when my parents get to share the love. I know it kills them to be so far away from us all and Skype can only do so much before they need some real snuggle time. And Keelin simply adores them.

The bean has added a number of new foods to her check list, including peas {love}, apples {yum}, yellow squash {fail}, and pears {double love}. I think I might be getting too much pleasure out of seeing her reaction to each new food. Next on the menu is sweet potato!

I’m still recovering from a very exhausting week but I’m thankful that the shift in nap time while being stuck in the car for 10 or so hours didn’t mess with Keelin’s system all that much. She did wake up on the early side the morning after we got back but now she’s back on track!

Until next time…

Can we talk about the cuteness???

6 thoughts on “TWENTY-SIXie

  1. Can’t believe she’s six months! You just HAD HER!
    She’s beautiful, just like her momma.
    Glad you had a great trip to my homestate – minus the loose puppers 😉

    • “You just HAD HER” is right! I cannot believe it has already been 6 months. Watch out, it will be here for Noah before you Noah-it. Ok, that was lame 🙂

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