Chicken Cordon PUFF

The puffs are back! You may remember my recent PUFF phase where I talked about how anything  can be made more delicious by wrapping it in some kind of pastry, particularly crescent rolls.  The pizza puffs were exhibit A… this is exhibit B {finally}.

It’s super simple and super delicious… as all the best recipes should be. Allow me to introduce chicken cordon puff.

Mix 1 can of cream of chicken soup with shredded, cooked chicken breast, and your choice of seasoning.

Use the same Pizza Puff technique of pressing the crescent triangles together to form rectangles {ain’t geometry grand?} and layer thinly sliced ham and swiss cheese. Regular deli ham and cheese work great. Feel free to opt for your favorite flavor {smoked, honey, etc} and use as much as you’d like. Just be sure you don’t OVERSTUFF the puffs.

Layer the chicken/soup mixture on top of the ham and cheese and fold to form the puffs!

Bake according to the crescent instructions and serve with your favorite side. Hopefully something green to help boost your health quota for the day.

Ooey gooey delicious puffness.

Until next time…

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