UGH… can’t get enough of my happy girl!

We had a tie for this week’s fabric so I got Keelin to choose! I set her down with both fabric options in front of her and she immediately leaned forward and smacked the purple option! A clear and justified winner!
Since there was a tie I’ll use the other winner {sunny floral} next week.

We’ve had another great week of squeals, giggles, gurgles {a new favorite pastime}, and spit bubbles. Plus lots of deep conversations, a ton of supported standing, and SITTING UP all by herself! WAHOO! She’s still a little wobbly and tips every now and then but it’s such a milestone and, as usual, totally adorable. We’ve actually just surpassed 5 minutes of unsupported sitting! Lots of drooling but no teeth yet… still expecting that first little bit of white to peek through any day now. AND, we added green peas to the list of foods Keelin loves! I tried zucchini but she wasn’t having it and I was pretty surprised to see her go crazy for the green peas.

Today’s post is super short because the bean, the pups and I are sitting pretty in VA after driving up on Monday to surprise my mom and dad. They were completely shocked and we’re having a blast! We have a lot on our plate for this week so I’ll be sure to fill you all in next week!

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “TWENTY-FIVEsie

  1. Green peas were one of Emmy’s early favorites, too, and she still eats them like they are candy. Looking forward to meeting our new cousin soon!

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