Finding the time…

Emily, the lovely new mommy over at “The Waiting” tagged me in a fun blogger game! It’s been a little ove a week but I’m finally getting around to ‘playing’ and passing it along to other mommy bloggers!

This fun little game is all about finding the time to do things as a new parent. Life definitely changes when you bring a little one into the world and it absolutely changes how you manage your time. She shared her own tips for finding time to do certain things and now it’s my turn! I’m supposed to answer three questions in as much detail as I can… if I can focus my brain for long enough to do so! These are the questions she asked me…

How do you find the time to…

read something purely for pleasure?

Oh reading. I have a habit of having the TV on all day while I do things in and around the house. Shame on me for wasting energy and even more shame on me for possibly exposing the bean to that much TV. I’ve been trying to be conscious of having the TV on less during the day which means there are times, like nap time, when I need to find something else for myself to do. Thankfully naps take place during optimal reading times. Even if I only bust out a chapter or two, I’m thankful I have any time at all. More than during the day, right before bed is my go-to catch up time for reading. Keelin is usually in bed around 10:30 and my brain is still working pretty hard so I like letting a good book help calm me down. It generally means leaving the light on well past when my hubby’s fallen asleep but he doesn’t mind and I get a few good chapters in!

cook something special OR eat at your favorite restaurant? 

Since Z is on this 17-day diet, I’ve actually been doing more ‘special’ cooking than not. We rarely eat out and thankfully Z gets home early enough to spend some quality time with Keelin while I cook. It’s been really fun branching out and trying to find great new recipes that fit within the diet. I’d definitely say every dinner is ‘special’ these days.

shut off the world?

Is that possible? Z and I just had a conversation about attempting to be ‘less connected’. What with my iPhone and laptop at my fingertips all day, it’s tough not to sit on all of my favorite social media sites all day. I don’t know if I every really have time to shut off the world but I like to take advantage of my time nursing Keelin. I can sit in silence, away from the computer, and just focus on my sweet girl. It’s sad to think that there are so few times when I can REALLY shut off the world but I like to think I’m doing the best I can to make it happen. Hubby got me a Groupon for 3 hour-long massages for mother’s day so I’ll definitely take advantage and SHUT OUT the world then!

Now to tag some other mommies to play along!

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Here are the rules:

  1. Please post the rules;
  2. When answering the questions, give as much information as possible;
  3. Leave a comment on Sex, drugs, rocker…and stroller, baby. This is so we can keep track of the meme and take a polite nose into everyone else’s lives; Emily talking now, I didn’t do this. Laundry called. 
  4. Tag 3 or more people and link to them on your blog. Add new questions, delete old questions and play about with the rules.

And my questions for these lovely mommies…

How do you find the time to…

Pamper yourself?

Get out for a special DATE NIGHT with your hubby?

Express your creativity?

I can’t wait to read your answers!

Until next time…

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