This week FLEW by. So much so that I totally forgot to snap Keelin’s weekly picture yesterday. I normally take them the Tuesday before her Weekly Onesie post goes up, so I can have time to weed through them all {because I take at least 100… I know right?!}, pick the perfect one, edit it, and write up a post. But, as many of you know, yesterday was MUH BERFDAY so we were out on the town for most of the day! I had to do a little rushing this morning to get her photo taken and, as promised, used my favorite fabric thus far. I’ve actually already made it into a nursing cover so it was a little tricky positioning her but I think we got a great shot!

It’s been a VERY EXCITING week for Keelin Bean… and the entire family actually! I’ve already filled you in on the exciting weekend we had when my college gal pals surprised me! I think I’m still recovering from the excitement and RUSH of joy. I’d be fine spending the next few weeks still in recovery!

Along with visits from friends, Keelin had some fun adventures of her own!We’ve OFFICIALLY started pureed food. I’m still nursing every three hours but she became so interested in what we were eating we figured it was time to give her a little extra snack throughout the day! My parents were sweet enough to get us the Baby Bullet for Christmas and I was beyond excited to bust it out and start pureeing. First on the menu… carrots! Keelin loved them! She made some very interesting faces to start and ended up covered in orange goo but that was mostly because she was reaching for the spoon every time I filled it with food. She’s an eager bean for sure!

We did 4 days of carrots and then switched over to avocado… which was a total FAIL.  I knew it was a long shot but thought I’d try it out anyway. Needless to say I’ve stowed all the avocado in the freezer to try again later down the road… when her palet has expanded a bit!
Now we are onto bananas which are another big hit! She’s just as eager to get each spoonful and usually hurries us with little grunts and coos when we aren’t feeding her fast enough. I took a few snapshots and made a fun collage to document each reaction. The avocado face is by far my favorite.

carrot, avocado, banana


We also found out the sex of my brother and sister-in-law’s baby!!! Keelin is super excited about her future cousin… but you have to watch the reveal video to find out if it’s a boy cousin or a girl cousin!!!


As I mentioned earlier, we were out and about yesterday in celebration of my birthday. The first stop… Stone Summit Rock Climbing Gym. Z and I busted out some big climbs with our friends Connor and Amelia. Keelin even gave it a shot.

Cutest thing ever!!!!

After rock climbing Z and I headed back to the house for lunch and decided the weather was perfect for a dip in the POOL! Another first for Miss Keelin! I was really surprised how much she loved it because the water was quite chilly {took Z and I a while to make our way in!} but except for the first touch of the water, in which she QUICKLY pulled her feet up to her butt {adorable}, she was quite the little fish!

OOOH It’s chilly in here mommy!

There’s something about this back shot that cracks me up. It’s like she’s gazing out on the fast world in front of her, ready to conquer!

We finished out my birthday with a post-rehearsal SIDEWAYS Dance Company dinner!
It’s definitely been a fantastic week and I couldn’t feel more blessed!

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “TWENTY-FOURsie

  1. Love the rock climbing pics – she’s a natural!! It also looks like she’s ready for the beach. Hmmmm . . . That makes two of us!! Can’t wait to see y’all soon! Love ya!

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