What a weekend!

I’m SUPER excited to share my weekend adventures with you but first I have to apologize for totally bailing on Shameless Snapshot Sundays. You’ll understand why it slipped my mind in a moment but I promise to be back up and running {and looking for friends to join the party} next weekend.

A few weeks ago Z told me to make sure I had this weekend free. My birthday is the 12th {tomorrow… holy crap} so I figured he had something small and fun planned for the weekend. The usual possibilities crossed my mind… a cookout, a day at the spa, nothing out of the ordinary. But I had no idea what I was in for until Friday around noon.

It was a normal morning and I was sitting in the kitchen feeding Keelin one of her first tastes of carrots.

We have wooden shutters in the kitchen windows and I love letting the natural light in. I had just finished opening up the shutters and had just started serving up some yummy orange goo when Z came downstairs and immediately shut them again. I thought it was funny, since he hadn’t seen that I JUST opened them, and seeing my face in reaction to the whole thing he explained that his contacts were bothering him so his eyes were overly sensitive. I don’t wear contacts but I know his bother him from time to time so I assumed he was telling the truth and continued feeding Keelin. Once she was done I took her into the living room and the hubs went back upstairs to use the loo. He texted me while he was up there {yes, we totally do that} and said that he would come get Keelin when he was done so I could get myself ready. It was a beautiful day so the plan was to take the pups to the dog park and enjoy the weekend.

Once Z was back downstairs I stepped into the kitchen again to take care of some dishes when there was a hasty knock at the door. I looked out the window and saw a black SUV that I didn’t recognize. When I opened the door I was greeted with a loud “SURPRISE” and instantly collapsed over in tears. My 5 best girlfriends from college {who all live in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina} were standing outside the door. I was totally shocked and completely overwhelmed with joy. I hadn’t seen most of them since my first baby shower in September and we’d been talking about planning a reunion soon. Little did I know they had 6 months of SECRET planning under their belts already! Here are some shots they got from the surprise.

waiting outside my house 

warning… ugly cry


Lots of tears and hugs ensued.

after the tears…

Megan*, Alicia, Laura*, and Leslie {listed clockwise…the ladies sitting higher than me on the stairs starting with the beautiful brunette above me} were all my roommates senior year of college. {*Megan and Laura were also bridesmaids in our wedding} Megan {next to Keelin} was our dance director and a wonderful inspiration to us all.

They all woke up at the crack of dawn and flew into Atlanta with the help of the hubs! I still can’t believe they would do so much for me. Well… to be honest I have no doubt that meeting Keelin was at the top of their list as well. 🙂

fun at the bowling alley

We went bowling, we went shopping, and we had an amazing time catching up and reliving college memories. Saturday night we left Z and the bean at the house for some daddy-daughter time while we enjoyed a ladies night with dinner and drinks!

girls night!

They even treated me for my birthday and helped sing {with what seemed like the entire 1/2 of the restaurant} happy birthday!

happy birthday!!!

The entire weekend consisted of me pinching myself and feeling so incredibly loved. It was the a wonderful surprise and I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter birthday treat. It was sad to say goodbye again after such a short time together but we’ll be joining forces again in November for a trip to New York for shows, dance classes, and plenty of fun.

Love my girls and so happy for them to all finally meet my little girl.

such an amazing weekend with amazing ladies

I couldn’t ask for better friends and feel truly honored to know them.

Until next time…

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