Sponsor Shout Out: Potato Feet

A few weeks ago I introduced you all to one of my lovely sponsors, Jamie Katz Photography, and today I’d like to give a shout out to another!
If you take a scroll down the right side of the blog you’ll quickly stumble upon a pair of OH-SO-ADORABLE baby shoes. Hopefully if you noticed them before you’ve already visited their Facebook page and have been BLOWN AWAY by the cuteness! If not, now is the time! Say hello to POTATO FEET!
The lovely and talented Kati Smith is the owner and creator of these adorable accessories. 100% recycled material designed to give little ones, particularly new walkers, some extra protection for their tootsies.
I first heard about Potato Feet from my brother who attends the same church as Kati, out in Los Angeles. He sent me two pair right around the time Keelin was born and I instantly feel in love with them. Here’s my little bean modeling her denim {with pink lining} Potato Feet when she was just over a month old.
baby wearing potato feet
They were obviously too big in this picture but fit her great now! She’s so fashionable!
There are so many adorable designs for girls and boys I guarantee there is something for everyone! PLEASE head over to the Facebook page and browse through the photos! Here are a few of my favorites:
Potato Feet Photo

Keelin has these!

Potato Feet Photo


Potato Feet Photo

LOVE the color!

Potato Feet Photo

can’t. handle. the. cuteness.

You’ll also also find sizing, pricing, and shipping information, along with additional details on how the shoes are made. Kati was nice enough to pass along a little blurb about how Potato Feet came to be and its too sweet not to share:
Hi my name is Kati Smith! My life consists of my love for Jesus, my husband and my two sweet boys (one 2yrs and one 5mo). I run “Potato Feet” out of my home. All of the fabrics used are recycled and repurposed. I started my business and creating my own patterns when my oldest son Asher started walking pretty early (9mon). He would resist wearing any hard soled shoe so I traced his foot to get my first pattern. That first pair drew so much attention that it wasn’t long before Potato Feet was created! The business got the name from my son’s chunky feet and my husband’s creative nicknameing abilities! I love to sew and I love everything about these shoes!
She’s such a sweetie and has two adorable little boys!
Like I’ve said about a million times already in this post, for more information {especially pictures of the different designs!} visit the Potato Feet Facebook page or email Potatofeetla@gmail.com!
If you end up getting a pair, be sure to share a picture of your little one modeling them and share on Kati’s wall!
Until next time…

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