Keelin on Monkey fabric - 23 weeks

My little monkey!

I cannot get enough of this picture! It is definitely my favorite weekly pic so far! As soon as I took it I stopped because I knew it was the perfect one for this week. Tongue out, mid-giggle, awesomeness!!!

It was a fun week for my little monkey starting off with an Anniversary dinner celebration for her Godmother, Mary Ann. She and her husband Peter have been married for 15 years and they were kind enough to invite them to their home for an anniversary celebration. It was a beautiful night and we were honored to be included.

With daddy and his new haircut 🙂 It’s obvious where she gets those big beautiful eyes from!

With Godmother Mary Ann

On Saturday we joined up with Z’s parents and our good friends Kevin and Andrea for one of my favorite Georgia events… The Georgia Renaissance Festival! The weather was perfect, the company was wonderful, and Keelin had a great time! One of our favorite acts is an acrobatic ‘dare devil’ group called Barely Balanced. We’ve seen them perform every year and I knew for Keelin’s first Ren Fest I wanted to dress her up like one of the Barely Balanced performers! I turned a simple white onesie into a ‘two piece’ acrobatic costume, complete with a feather headpiece!

I’m a total loser and didn’t get a clear picture of her in the onesie… and I actually can’t FIND the onesie at the moment {good Lord I’m losing my mind} BUT, we were able to snag some pictures of her at the fair, with one of the performers. And before you get all “OH MY GOD YOU’RE A TERRIBLE MOTHER” on me, YES, I handed my 5 month old baby to an acrobat standing on 4 foot stilts. YES you might think I’m crazy for trusting him with my child. But let’s face it. This guy balances  full-grown adults on his shoulders and forearms. I’m pretty sure he’s more steady holding a baby than I am.

I was really surprised that she didn’t burst into tears when I passed her off, considering she’s been a bit of a fussbutt lately {those teeth are taking their sweet time busting through} but she actually really enjoyed it! Everyone int he audience thought she was adorable {how could they not} as you can see from all the smiling faces in the picture. He even talked about keeping her and making her a part of the show. Yeah. My kid is pretty awesome.
We also discovered a new infatuation… BUBBLES!
I’ve always known that kids love bubbles but it was the first time Keelin was around them and she was so intrigued. I caught a quick pic of her Go Go holding her while reaching out for those mysterious soapy orbs.  TOO CUTE!

Other than that it was a pretty normal week filled with silly faces, giggles, and Boston Terrier taming!

Future acrobat? Future dog whisperer? All of the above.

I’m not doing a fabric poll today because I have a fabric that I’m dying to use and I will be too heartbroken if it’s not chosen. Plus I’ve already made it into something {post to come} so I want to get Keelin pictured on it before I ruin the fabric, which I most likely will.

Until next time…

10 thoughts on “TWENTY-THREEsie

    • absolutely!!! I heard a few gasps in the crowd but if they can balance flaming bowling balls on their faces I think they can handle a still child.

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