Check out my toes and my purple tooshie!

I don’t have too much to report this week but I do have a STINKIN CUTE video so I’ll get right to it!

Keelin has become a professional spit bubble blower. She can be happy, fussy, giggling, or yelling but you can bet she’ll have those little lips pressed together blowing spit bubbles. It’s one of the cutest, and messiest, things so far. She does it enough to soak up multiple onesies in a day. Even her bibs are no match or her bubble blowing skills!  I’ll have to catch it on video some day soon {story of my life}.

Like I partially mentioned in last week’s post, Keelin’s legs are getting super hero strong. So much so that one of Keelin’s new favorite things is ‘standing’. She is a squirmy worm in your arms, wiggling around and arching her back, until you help balance her while she boosts herself up on her legs. This I DID catch on video. And by catch I mean totally staged. Check it…{and please ignore my unwashed hair and gross face… focus on the adorable child}

See what I mean about walking before she crawls?!? So gifted.

Keelin is also a fan of her new exersaucer. We’ve had it for a few weeks {got it for free from some friends} but she’s just now really loving it. She spins herself around and makes sure to play with everything in reach. Especially the animal buttons that, when pressed multiple times, make the appropriate animal noises, announce the name of said animal, give you the SPANISH translation for the animal, and then play a small piece of classical music! Boy oh boy these toys are SPIFFY!

She’s still a giggling fool, loves the pups, and spends most of the day smiling and working on her ninja skills as she sees how many times she can roll from her back to her tummy without me seeing it. Sneaky thing.

Z and I are heading to the Georgia Renaissance festival this weekend with fome friends and family and I can’t wait to see how Keelin does. Aka I’m hoping she doesn’t totally hate it all. The weather is supposed to be perfect {fingers crossed} so hopefully between the stroller, the moby, the paci, and the boob I’ll be able to find something that will keep her happy! Maybe get her a henna tattoo.

Totally kidding.

She’d never sit still long enough to get a henna.


Until next time…

6 thoughts on “TWENTY-TWOsie

  1. oh my goodness she is so cute with her little noises. melt.

    i wanna come see her adorable tush and you two soon! jaryd wants to meet keelin too!!!!!

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