I’m Jones-in…

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I’ve had a stroke of genius and I need your help to make it happen.

I posted this picture to my facebook page earlier in the week:

Freakin’ adorable right? Z snapped this on his iPhone at Keelin’s 4 month check up… so yes, if you’re wondering, that is doctor’s office butcher paper she’s laying on! She was actually quite happy during the appointment but was giving us all sorts of goofy faces. Personally I can’t help but smile every time I look at it.

After posting it to facebook and instagram {follow me @saratpie} I received so many sweet comments from family and friends telling me how cute the picture is and how it should be on things like greeting cards and magazine covers. That got me thinking… dangerous, I know… and I popped over to JONES SODA‘s website to see about submitting her photo for a bottle label. Fun right?

Here’s where you come in. We need some votes! It would be super fun to have her picture chosen in their next national label tour but I unfortunately I can’t vote a thousand times SO… if you think she’s cute enough to be a JONES baby… cast your vote! I’ll most likely end up custom ordering a dozen just for myself but how awesome would it be if she were chosen for national production!?! Wicked awesome!

SO…here’s the JONES GALLERY link that will take you straight to her image to vote!

I really appreciate your help and promise to send you all a JONES SODA if we are chosen. Ok… I probably won’t do that, but I’ll be SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL!

Until next time…

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