Lemon Herb Pork

Happy Monday friends! I hope all my bloggy mommy club members had a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day filled with love and pampering. The hubs made me feel like a queen by taking care of dinner, giving me an adorable homemade card, complete with a picture of the bean, and giving me a Mommy’s Day Massage! I can’t wait to go get pampered even more!

Since it’s Monday and many moms are still wishing it was Mother’s Day, I thought I’d share another super easy Philly Cooking Creme recipe to make tonight’s dinner a little simpler! This time I used Savory Lemon and Herb flavor with pork!

As always, a few tablespoons goes a long way! I added a little milk and flour as well to make a nice gravy!

Served with rice and zucchini!

Super simple for moms getting back into the swing of things!

Tell me about your Mother’s Day!!!

Until next time…

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