And last week’s favorite fabric was…

HOO’s Your Daddy! Another of my favorite fabrics so far! Especially their little ball caps. I didn’t notice them until my gal pal Layna mentioned something about it but now it’s my favorite part!

Keelin had so many hysterical faces and poses this week during our photo shoot, it was hard to pick ONE to feature for the onesie blog but I got the hubs to help me decide. She is just too happy and excited in this one NOT to share! And I think this was one of the first {if not THE first} pictures I snapped! I’ll be sure to add more of the funnier pictures on Facebook so make sure you check them out and “like” my page! I’m thinking of hosting a giveaway once we reach a certain number of fans. I tried to do it before but didn’t get much feedback so we’ll see if it happens. In other words… you want a giveaway… visit, like, and SHARE! πŸ™‚

As for the past week, the main update is that Keelin had her 4 month check up! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I absolutely ADORE our pediatrician and was excited that Z could come with me this time to meet him. {He quickly gained the same opinion that I did… it’s seriously hard not to love this guy!}

Keelin did GREAT at the appointment. One of the things I love about the doctor is that he really takes time with his patients. I know that can be annoying to some people because at times it means more waiting, but I’d rather wait an hour to see a doctor that lets me ask a bazillion questions and is actually invested in my child than be seen within 5 minutes and get rushed out the door. That being said, Keelin was actually asleep when he came in but was actually pretty mesmerized by him while he checked her over. She is right on track development wise {of course!}, weighed in at 13 lbs {50th percentile}, and is 24 1/2 inches long {75th percentile}. Looks like she’ll be tall and skinny like I was as a child! Her noggin is growing too… Obviously because of that BRILLIANT brain of hers growing and growing!

We will probably start adding food into Keelin’s diet soon which means I get to bust out the BABY BULLET! I know its way easier to buy canned food but since I’m home and can save big bucks by making my own, I’m all for a little extra work. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes when it happens! If you have any tips for making your own baby food, feel free to pass it along!

The NOT SO FUN part of the visit were her 2nd dose of vaccines. She did great though. She only cried during each shot {she only got 2 again… you can kind of see her right thigh is a little swollen at the top} and for about 30 seconds afterwards. Once she was up in mommy’s arms and had her paci she was great! Such a trooper! AND, thankfully the nurse used the tiny circular band aids this time instead of the larger long ones. I made sure to avoid any more tears by taking them off in the tub this time around. I am going back tomorrow to get an oral vaccine for her. The shipment was late so they didn’t have it for us on Monday. Luckily the office is close to the house… and in close range of a Zaxbys… so it’s not a big deal. Keelin was so happy and smiley the rest of the day, you’d have never known she got pricked at all! I can’t believe how truly blessed we are to have such an amazing, happy, HEALTHY child! God definitely hit the jackpot with this gift. πŸ™‚

Outside of the doctor visit, I don’t have any big updates from the week. Z is starting the 17-day diet {yesterday was his first day} and I’m obviously taking part by default. I’m not cutting out as much as he is since I’m technically still eating for two {no I’m not preggers again, but I am Keelin’s only source of food at the moment} but there’s no way I’m making double dinners every night! Plus, I’ve been looking for a nutritional boost for a while now and this will be a great opportunity. I’ll probably do an update every cycle on his progress, and share some facts, recipes, and exercises from the diet in case anyone is interested in trying it out yourself!

Until next time…

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    • Thanks for her blog! I love my magic bullet so I’m sure the baby bullet will be just as fantastic… Why wouldn’t it be, there are SMILEY FACES!!!

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