I was so excited to see you all had chosen this fabric! I think it’s one of my favorites and is perfect for the start of May! It was tough choosing my favorite picture from this week’s photoshoot but I’ll be sure to share some of the runner-ups on Facebook!

Here we are at 18 weeks and the little one keeps amazing me day after day! She is SO incredibly strong, extremely perceptive, and although I didn’t think it was possible, she’s getting cuter by the minute! She’s been spending a lot of time in her new jumper and even though we have to pad the seat so she doesn’t wobble around like a rag doll, she’s become so interested in all the little gadgets around the edges. She stares at them like she’s waiting for them to do something on their own, it’s too cute.

She’s become a WIZ at grabbing… anything in sight… especially hair. Needless to say it’s been ponytail city for this mama! I’m trying really hard NOT to go ahead and chop my hair off but we’ll see how long I can hold out. Long summer locks have never been something I’ve managed to hold out for and I want THIS YEAR to be different!

Keelin has also started to REALLY LOVE bath time! Aside from her very first bath where she was a little on the fussy side, she’s normally very happy and smiley during baths but this week she started kicking and splashing the water all around. Once she saw how excited it was making me and figured out that she was the one making that awesome splish splash noise she was on a roll! I need to get Z to take some pictures/video one day soon… something else to add to the TO DO list of my life!

ALSO, her mohawk is slowly disappearing. It’s hard to tell in these pictures but she’s started to get nice and fuzzy in those side patches that mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago. She’s definitely got a little tennis ball fuzz going on now and while I LOVE the mohawk, I’m excited for some bow-worthy hair to finally come in!

On Friday {which was also her 4 month ‘birthday’} I took the bean for a Midtown, ATL adventure! We stopped by my old job to visit with my former coworkers and she was a doll! I’m convinced she recognized all the voices from the womb because she was so smiley and lovey to everyone! Up in Virginia when she was in a new place with new faces, at times it would overwhelm her and she’d fuss a little but not this time! She really ‘knew’ these people. Goes to show you how much a baby can be influenced while still in the womb! After leaving the office we drove over to the Georgia Aquarium to visit with Daddy, meet his coworkers and see some FISH!! She loved every bit of it. We got to go backstage at the Dolphin Tales show {talk about VIP} where they keep the dolphins and one of the trainers let us walk back in to the training area where the dolphins were only a few feet away. I’m sure I looked like a total bonehead because I was SO EXCITED TO BE THAT CLOSE TO A DOLPHIN! They said I could come back and get eye level with the dolphins to hang out and try some behaviors. {you should remember from my Star Spinner post forever ago that in the dolphin world, “tricks” are called “behaviors”} I’m so excited I can hardly wait! Once the visits were over {everyone loved her BTW} we took a stroll through the rest of the aquarium. The bean LOVED it!

I can’t wait to take her back as she gets older and more responsive to her surroundings!

In other, mommy tear inducing news, we’ve officially taken the newborn padding out of the carseat. Yes, I may have gotten misty during the removal process. She is getting SO BIG and is quickly growing out of everything. Hard to believe she was only 7 lbs not too long ago! She has her 4 month check up on Monday and Z gets to come with us this time! I’m stoked to see her progress and not so stoked about the 2nd round of shots. At least this time I’ll have Z there to help out and we’ll make sure the band-aid removal process is as pain-free as possible this time around!

Until next time…

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6 thoughts on “EIGHTEENsie

  1. Those pics of y’all at the aquarium are awesome! Also, I am for sure chopping the ol’ hair off soon. This summer is already projected to be brutal. Mom haircut, anyone? 🙂

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