UFO sighting!

OK… I didn’t see any flying saucers or MYSTERIOUS lights, but I have a number of UFO’s hanging out around my house!

I’m talking about UnFinished Objects people!!! Seriously, how many projects have you jumped into lately that just didn’t get completed? And then instead of finishing project 1, you start on project 2 and the same slippery slope continues. One after another your UnFinished Objects continue to pile up! Well this is the week to check them off your TO DO list! What makes this week different from any other? It’s UFO DIY Challenge week!

UFO DIY Challenge

I caught wind of this from Lisha over at One House One Couple and knew, as I look around at TONS of UFOs, that I had to join in! Here’s the deal:

  • Finish one or more of your UnFinished Objects {big or small}, making sure you take pictures along the way.
  • You have THIS WEEK,  May 1st through May 7th, to share your Finished Object on your blog and link up at the UFO linky party!
  • And add the UFO button to your post!

And now for my most recent UFO… {and the hope that I can add a few more to my list of things NOT UnFinished!}

As you may remember from a few posts back, I’ve been on a bit of a TWINE kick, and by that I mean wrapping twine around just about everything I can find… especially if it used to be home to some kind of alcohol. 🙂

SO… I had this lovely twine army that just kept growing and growing and NOWHERE to put them.

Aren’t they cute! Like a twine family annual portrait session!

THEN I remembered that I have had three wall shelves sitting, collecting dust, in the corner of my craft nook for about a year. One plus one equals decorative brilliance people! SO… I hired one studly stud of a man to help me put the shelves up:

my stud finding studs

Once the shelves were in place it was only a matter of giving my twine family a new, spotlighted home!

Happy little twine family, relocated from underneath the coffee table to up on the wall. Love love love it!

My twine obsession hasn’t subsided yet so I will probably add some more twine balls {classy, right?} but I’m officially checking this UnFinished Object OFF my to do list! Officially finished! One down, about two dozen to go!

Until next time…

PLEASE join in the party and complete one {or some} of your UnFinished Objects!

7 thoughts on “UFO sighting!

  1. Whooohoooo! Congrats on completing a UFO…. and your Twine Bottle Family is just so darn cute. That’s like a wonderful combination: complete + cuteness = happiness!

    LOVIN’ it and so glad you joined the party!

    Double-Wide in the Sky

  2. Whoot Whoot! I am glad to hear that Lisha got you motivated! I love the twine wrapping. I am so impressed with how many you did. I wrapped 2 plastic eggs at easter and almost burnt all the flesh off my fingertips before I ended up giving up! You must have a secret trick! Thanks for sharing at the UFO party!

    • Thank you! They were so easy to do and I had a blast doing it… hense why I ended up with so many and required a PROPER display for them!

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