I call this the imaginary Oboe

Hopefully I’m not the only one who can easily imagine Keelin holding at least SOME kind of instrument in those tiny and adorable little hands… right?
On another note… I love that you can see just a hint of Keelin’s diaper through her onesie in this week’s photo. In case you were wondering {which I know you were…} this particular diaper is covered in zoo animal outlines. Stinkin. Cute.

Another grand week filled with grand events of sheer grandness! So… I might be doped up on cinnamon buns and hot chocolate… but I make no apologies! 🙂

Thursday we met with the wonderfully talented Jamie for Keelin’s 3 month pictures! We went to beautiful piedmont park in Atlanta and got some really beautiful shots. It was a little chillier than any of us would have liked {especially the bean who was looking forward to showing off her spring outfit} but Jamie helped us make it work and the photos are absolutely beautiful! You can check out a sneak peak from Jamie’s photog blog and I’ll do a full post with PLENTY more pictures once the CD arrives!

I mentioned in last week’s post that Keelin gave me her first real giggle while laying on the changing table in a public restroom on the way back from Virginia. Although it was completely adorable, I was a little bummed at being the only one there to witness it. Keelin obviously knew I was disappointed because Friday, while Z and our friend Christian were present, she let out the biggest, most adorable giggle IN THE WORLD! Buster was sitting in front of me and I thought it would be cute to see if he would let her sit {assisted} on his back. I put her little feet on either side of his back and he whipped his head around to try to lick her face. He missed her face but got a hold of her hand and sent on a lick-fest. Then the giggles started flowing. HOLY CRAP IT WAS SO SWEET! You can guess that I’ve been trying to get the dogs to lick her hand and induce giggles. Don’t worry I have baby wipes on hand in case it happens. NO dog slobber to infant mouth contact please!

Yesterday Keelin and I accompanied the hubs to the rock climbing gym in town. He goes all the time but I haven’t been since I was about 14 weeks pregnant so it was fun getting back into the swing of things. Fun and painful. I haven’t done any overly strenuous activity since having Keelin so it kicked my butt! Everyone loved seeing Keelin there and she LOVED looking at all the movement and color on the climbing walls. I have a feeling she’ll be hanging climbing herself in no time!

Thank you so much for voting on this week’s fabric! The poll had a great turnout and I’m so in love with the whole concept of letting YOU pick what you want to see! {You should know the dancer in my head is doing a little happy dance right now!}

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “SEVENTEENsie

  1. OBOE IS THE BEST INSTRUMENT EVER!! ok, so maybe I’m biased…but you’re right, she looks like she’s playing some sort of woodwind…could be clarinet, maybe saprano sax even. (But oboe would be better!) Super cute regardless. I like voting on the fabrics by the way 🙂

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