She should totally have a magic want in that right hand… do you agree? Absolute Hogwarts material.

I didn’t go into much detail during last week’s onesie post because I was too busy having a blast in VA, visiting our family and friends!  It marked many NEW events for the Bean including her first REAL road trip {8 hours one way}, OUR first public restroom diaper changing experience, and her first audible giggle. The later of the two actually happened at the same time so she was definitely on a roll checking things off her TO DO list! She’s been mostly squealing and cooing but gave me a big giggle that was so adorable I was actually a little bummed that I was the only one there to witness it! And I’m pretty sure I startled a woman in one of the stalls with my outburst of joyous laughter when I heard it. Oh well. We also learned that Keelin LOVES TV! The colors and movement are so mesmerizing to her she would stop and stare anytime a screen would catch her eye. I definitely don’t want her getting hooked on TV at a young age but it’s pretty stinkin’ cute to see her practically bending backwards on the play mat just so she can watch with everyone else. She’s getting stronger and stronger every day and I feel like any day now she’s going to sit up on her own. She’s a champ in her new bumbo and anytime we’ve got her in our arms sitting upright, she’s so straight and sturdy. It never fails to amaze me how fast she’s growing, especially after seeing her next to my friend Pam’s baby who is only 7-8 weeks old. The difference is shocking and I’m having so much fun watching her grow up! *tear

All in all it was a fantastic week filled with SO MANY VISITORS {as you could see from my most recent Shameless Snapshot post} and it was great seeing everyone after so long and seeing their reactions to the bean. Keelin was able to meet three sets of great grandparents, a herd of irritated cows {irritated because the Bostons were barking at them like stinky little jerks} and a butt-load of my long-time friends from home. I feel so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life who will always be there to love and support our family. God has truly given us so much and I’m so happy that Keelin has so many amazing people in her life.

We also were FINALLY able to share with the world {aka Facebook} that Z and I are going to have a niece/nephew in October! My brother and his wife are expecting and I couldn’t be more excited for them! I’ve almost slipped about a dozen times so I’m thrilled that the news is finally public and I can brag until I turn blue! They find out what they are having in June so you can bet I’ll be sharing that news as well!

Could they be any cuter? And yes I stole their Christmas card photo from Facebook 🙂

On a different note, I was truly heartbroken to learn that a very dear friend of mine passed away early morning Easter Sunday. Stefan and I met while at college {we had a number of classes together and were also officers in Lynchburg’s Communication Honors Society} and I can honestly say he I have never met someone with a bigger heart and a greater zeal for life.  After a long battle with cancer he is finally at peace and I am so thankful that I was able to know him. I’d like to ask that you all please send out  prayers to his wife Cassie and all of his family as they go through this difficult time. Stefan, you are forever in my heart and will truly be missed. The world has suffered a GREAT loss but your spirit and enthusiasm will never be forgotten!

With Stefan and his then fiance’ Cassie {they were married May 22, 2010} after graduation in 2009.

As for things that are coming up… we are set to take Keelin’s 3 months pictures {we’re a little behind} this week and I am so excited! Jamie Katz, the same fabulous photographer who did her newborn pics, will be snapping away at a local park… once the rain, rain goes away! I’ll be sure to show them off soon! {Check out her link on the sidebar!}

Until next time…

6 thoughts on “SIXTEENsie

  1. I just stumbled on your blog and noticed your weekly photos! They are so cute. We’re doing the same kind of thing too. I thought it would be a hassle trying to commit to weekly photos but I look forward to it every week! I will warn you though, I just took week 42 pictures and my son nearly refuses to lay down on his back now, things will start getting creative as you get father along haha!

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