Apparently I failed to iron this week’s fabric as well as I thought!

We are having a blast in VA this week introducing Keelin to family and friends. So far she’s met 2 sets of great-grandparents and she’ll meet another set today! Z’s other grandmother is up in Michigan so we’ll have to check her off our list soon.

Gammie and Granddaddy are in heaven {of course}, getting as much cuddle time in as possible and I’m taking a ton of pictures {of course} so there will be plenty to share once we get back! We even had a Skype date with my brother and his wife on Monday {they live WAY out west in LA LA land} and it was great getting to ‘see’ them.

Keelin’s first week in her cloth diapers have been great and we are both LOVING the SunBabys. I’m still planning on doing a full post dedicated to CD’s so stay tuned for more details on our switch!

I’ll apologize ahead of time for being a little lax on the posts but there will be a full update on the week and plenty of new things worth sharing soon!

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “FIFTEENsie

  1. So cute!!! Ahhhh I LOVE HER! Let me know when you want to venture to Baltimore and I’ll let you know if we venture down south! 🙂 haha. Have fun during the rest of your trip!!!

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