"Pete and Me"

I absolutely adore this week’s onesie picture! It took twice as long to snag because she was moving all over the place and kept pulling the fabric up at her feet but it was well worth it! I threw little Peter Rabbit into the mix in preparation for her first Easter and it’s too stinkin’ cute how she managed to keep him tucked up under her arm. LOVE!

I swear it is getting harder and harder to change Keelin’s diapers every day. If it isn’t kicking her feet at lightening speed or the back arches that move her little toosh right off the changing pad, it’s how she constantly reaches for my fingers in an attempt to shove them in her mouth! It takes twice as long but it cracks me up so I don’t really mind! Plus she’s chatting with me the whole time as if to say, “Mom, there’s no need for a diaper when we could be having all this other fun!” And speaking of diapers, THESE arrived on Monday!


I could hardly contain myself when the delivery man dropped them off. I couldn’t sign my signature FAST enough! We bought 24 diapers and 48 inserts for only $140. I’ve heard great reviews on Sunbaby diapers… right up there with the quality of BumGenius!… and you can’t beat the price! We’re switching over this week {as long as I don’t totally fluff things up installing the diaper sprayer} so look out for a review post in the next few weeks! SO EXCITED… and come on, could they be any cuter?

We had a ton of other BIG events take place this week!

I am super excited to announce that Keelin ROLLED OVER this past week! She’d gotten her arm caught underneath her during tummy time before, making her kind of “tip” over, but this time it was the real deal. I managed to catch the VERY moment on my iPhone!

I was a little late turning the camera on to show how she started upright and pretty balanced between both arms until throwing that left arm out and pushing herself over! As you can tell from the squeeeeeeeling, the hubs and I were beyond excited! {yes, I’m the loud squeeler but the small child in the background is actually Z. We were pretty stoked!}

Keelin also went to her first Easter Egg Hunt and visited {sort of} with the Easter bunny! Here are some snapshots from the beautiful Sunday afternoon!

I didn't trust Mr. Bunny to hold Keelin since he needed a guide just walking through an EMPTY field. And maybe I wanted to be in the picture too... but it's really about safety, right?

bummed I didn't get any with the hubs in it {he was behind the camera} but what we did get was cute!

This coming week is sure to be PACKED with lots of fun events so next week’s onesie post will definitely be photo heavy!

Until next time…

Some other photoshoot favorites

OOOH so excited for Easter!

My tiny toes bring me inner peace.

Loos here, see... It's me and the bunny, see??? {her Ganster talk!}

Oh, hey Peter!

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    • Will do. They are actually super easy. I thought they were going to be a pain, but now that Keelin is a little older they aren’t that different from disposables and I can already see my weekly spending going down! FULL post soon!

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