It’s hard to believe that yesterday Keelin turned THREE MONTHS OLD! Its amazing how quickly she is growing and how bright her personality is getting. With the exception of a few fussy moments here and there she is happy, smiley and filled with energy that keeps her little legs pumping!

She’s always trying to grab our attention with loud coos, squeals, and of course, those giant toothless grins! She absolutely loves her colorful jungle playmat {I think she has a crush on Mr. Monkey} and more times than not you can find her chewing on her hands and reaching for her tiny toes!

This past week was probably more exciting and eventful for Z and I than it was for Keelin. On Saturday Z’s mom {GoGo} offered to babysit so we could go on a date. Conveniently enough there was a certain blockbuster out in theaters that we were DYING to see. YES, the hubs and I saw THE HUNGER GAMES opening weekend! I know there have been hundreds of reviews flying around the blog-o-sphere since the film’s opening night {check out MK in Wonderland’s 2-part review}so I won’t spend TOO much time talking about it. But let’s be honest, I can’t NOT share my thoughts!!! :

photo from IMDB

HOLY CRAP HUNGER GAMES WAS SO INCREDIBLY FANTAS-MASTIC I COULD HARDLY STAND IT!!!! And by hardly stand it I mean I’m hoping to see it another dozen times in theaters…because you MUST see it IN THE THEATER!!

Being huge fans of the books Z and I had HIGH expectations for the film. With the exception of the Harry Potter franchise, I have known far too many screen adaptations based on books that have missed the mark. Thankfully Gary Ross and the entire Hunger Games cast did not disappoint. Each character was perfectly cast and the action, drama, romance and fear were nearly perfect. I say nearly only because I wish the horror of the games themselves would have been more like the books. Suzanne Collins did such an amazing job painting a vivid and horrifying picture of the masacres that took place throughout the games and I was only slightly disappointed that the intensity had been greatly reduces to fit a PG-13 rating. One of the things I love most about the book is that the anguish, horror, and fear of what is happening before, during, and after the games has such a great impact on each character’s actions and emotions. While there is plenty to keep you on the edge of your seat during the movie, I feel like more gore and even an R rating would give it that extra OOMPH toward being even more like Collins original idea. Obviously the production staff knew they could hit the jackpot by attracting teeny-boppers and adults alike, so the PG-13 rating was smart in that regard but I would love to see an uncensored director’s cut that really taps into the bloodyness that I pictured while zooming through the pages of the book. {strange that a single blog post could contain adorable pictures of my sweet three month old AND a plea for guts and blood} Aside from that, it was EXACTLY what I wanted it to be. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must! AND if you haven’t read the book(s) yet… what have you been doing with your life? 🙂

Oh, and on a side note… my excitement was boosted when Z and I sat through the credits to see my cousin’s name listed as a Special Effects Technician. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. He knew how much Z and I loved the book and how excited we were for the movie to come out that he passed along his crew gift to me!

Front of the crew gift... complete with Mockingjay emblem!

Inside is a complete picnic set! Silverware for four, plates, cups, napkins, a cutting board, salt and pepper shakers and a wine key! The back panel is a cooler! This would have been quite handy for the tributes in the arena!!!

Yes, you may call me a badass! I like to think that Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Stanley Tucci use theirs on a regular basis.
Go on… I’ll wait while you collect yourself from the rush of jealousy pulsing through your body.

In other news… one of the other exciting parts of this week {that was also more exciting for Z and I than for Keelin} was what we bought a dishwasher! The one we have now is ancient and more times than not we’re having to re-wash half of each load because the single sprayer just isn’t cutting it! They’re coming by to install it tomorrow and I’m so excited. There’s something about new appliances that makes me truly happy. Yesterday when the Fed Ex guy delivered our vacuum {we had to send it out to get repaired… free of charge thanks to the fine folks at LG} I did a little happy dance, ripped open the packaging and immediately vacuumed the living room. Yeah, I’m that girl.

Back to the SHOULD BE star of this post… Miss Keelin Bean. I could leave you without sharing a few of my favorite blooper shots from this week’s photoshoot!

why I oughta...

you ain't from round here are you...

It's a-nice-a to meetcha!{italian accent obviously}

Until next time…

Did you see The Hunger Games this weekend? What did you think? Do you plan on seeing it? Are you as obsessed with the books as I am?

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7 thoughts on “THIRTEENsie

  1. What was the crew gift?!?!

    I loved the movie, like you, I wish it was a little more graphic in the games and I also wish they would have gotten a little deeper into the Katniss/Peeta and Katniss/Gale relationships.

    MK did a great job recapping the movies!

    • OOPS, totally forgot to include a photo of the crew gift… I’ll update the post in a jiffy! Thanks for reminding me!

      and YAY for mommas who love their gore! 🙂

  2. I LOVED THE MOVIE. ive already seen it twice….LOL. my sister and i are both big fans of the books and i am obsessed with the movie and she hated it. so who knows. but way cool about the crew gift please share!!!!!! 🙂

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