Before I dive into this week’s onesie post I want to wish a HUGE blog-o-sphere CONGRATS to my bff Layna {remember her engagement announcement and guest post?} and as she and her hubby are expecting their first child this October! She was sweet enough to share her news with me a few weeks ago but they made the BIG announcement {aka on Facebook} yesterday, which happened to also be the mommy-to-be’s birthday, and even showed off a new ultrasound pic of their little tater tot!

I’ve linked over to her blog before, but I’m definitely going to share the love now that she’ll be keeping friends, family members, and fellow bloggers updated on her growing bump! Definitely check it out and be sure to tell her how stinkin’ cute she is… it won’t be hard to tell her that since it’s terribly true!

Alrighty then, onto the bean’s weekly photo!


Once again, Keelin was movin and groovin throughout our entire photo shoot. I’m totally shocked that I was able to snag a picture where her whole body isn’t one big blur!

Keelin is growing up more and more every day and this week I feel like she’s aged twice as fast! My father-in-law keeps telling us about how he remembers things dramatically changing when Z and his brother hit mile markers of 3 months, 6 months and 9 months. I think he’s definitely onto something because Keelin is a week away from being three months old {ahhhh!} and she is getting stronger, smarter, more alert, more talkative and definitely transitioning out of infancy. Which, while very exciting, is also a bit frightening. I hate to sound like an old fussy mommy but she’s growing up too fast!

There were days that stood out this last week as being more “eventful” than the rest.

The first was Thursday! I had Keelin on her play mat for some tummy time which has quickly turned into nap time. It was pretty warm in the house thanks to this beautiful weather we’ve been having so I carried on with some crafts on the floor next to her while she snoozed. Every now and then she’d get a chill or need to switch positions and she ended up with her feet pulled up under her but and her hand up toward her mouth. She’s been big on trying to suck on her hand so it’s not uncommon for me to hear her making suck noises while successfully slobbering all over her little fist, which in turn covers her face in spit. YAY BABIES! But after a few big suck noises I looked over and noticed that her hand was positioned right in front of her mouth and she was successfully flipping me the bird. Not yet 3 months old and already a trouble maker. I, of course, thought it was hysterical so I quickly raced upstairs to get the camera and take about a million pictures of such a monumental event. Luckily my sudden dash hadn’t disturbed her at all but as soon as I turned the camera on she flipped up her index finger and went from giving me the finger to showing her love for world PEACE. Also cute. Also worth taking pictures of. {Let’s be honest, I take pictures of her doing absolutely nothing so of course I’d feel a tiny peace-sign is worth an additional dozen shots} When I zoomed in to get the perfect shot I noticed that her thumb was not tucked around in front of her fingers but comfortably secured in her mouth! MY LITTLE GIRL WAS SUCKING HER THUMB! HORRAY, REJOICE, HUZZAH! Allow me to present… exhibit A.

BOOM... thumb sucker!

Then again yesterday, she found her wayward thumb again!

thumb sucking is no laughing matter

I know it might sound strange to be fulled with joy at the sight of my baby sucking her thumb, but being that I was a thumb sucker when I was little, for some reason it just really got me excited. She’s like her mama! While I know this topic is often one of great debate and many people say you shouldn’t let your kids suck their thumbs {I’ve already been told to prepare myself for a future of braces}, I think my parents had a better time with my brother and I being thumb-suckers because we could self-sooth easier without needing a paci. Granted, I was a pistol and didn’t want to STOP sucking my thumb until I was around 6 years old… but either way, we’re going to have to stop her from using either the paci or her thumb, so why not let her do what’s most comfortable while she’s still tiny?

The other ‘eventful’ day was Sunday, while I was out at my mother-in-law’s high school, teaching choreography for her Theater’s production of Oklahoma!. Keelin was totally content for the first part of rehearsal but when it got closer to her normal feeding time she woke up and was NOT happy. I think she’s hitting a bit of a growth spurt so she’s been getting hungry between normal feeding times. I was in the home stretch of the rehearsal so I let one of the more trust-worthy students take her for a stroll around the halls to try to lull her back to sleep, or at least keep her calm.
She was not having it.
She cried and screamed and pouted for a good 20 minutes. I didn’t realize she was having nonstop waterworks because she was out of ear and eyeshot {something I’m quite proud of myself for embracing} but my heart broke when I heard that little cry coming back down the hall right as I was finishing up.
No way she’d been crying this entire time, right?
I looked up and her GoGo {Z’s mom} had her which was thankfully calming her down. When I finally got over to her I about burst into tears. Her eyes were puffy and red, her lids were droopy with exhaustion, and the streams of tears were still visible on her splotchy little face. {Enter the feeling of complete sadness and regret for not having her with me the whole time to comfort her.} She looked so pitiful and I could tell that she had cried out all of her energy. She didn’t make a peep once I had her in my arms… probably because she couldn’t find the strength… but immediately got her smile and energy back when the boob came out. It truly is amazing how an infant’s mood can go from zero to sixty with a little boob-time. One of the many reasons I love breastfeeding so much! Needless to say I didn’t let her out of my sight for the rest of the day. Poor little bean.

Until next time…

Do you prefer paci’s or thumb-sucking? Do you have any personal stories of dealing with either or both in your own children? Do share!!!

4 thoughts on “TWELVEsie

  1. My little guy hasn’t found his thumb but will suck on his hand when he’s hungry. He does love the pacifier though and will cry as soon as it falls out of his mouth!

    • Oh yes, Keelin is definitely in love with her pacifier. Luckily if she falls asleep with it in her mouth and loses it while she’s still snoozin it doesn’t bother her to wake and find that it’s gone. PHEW! I’m glad she’s using her hand/thumb now though!

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