Traveling Fool

Since the day Keelin was born she has been amazing me left and right. She is always teaching me new things, showing me endless amounts of love, prepping me for all the fun that is coming my way, and reminding me that she has more tricks up her tiny sleeves than I will ever know. One of these fancy tricks… she does in her sleep!

I mentioned in her nine week onesie post that she’s quite the shifty sleeper and I finally got around to documenting her nightly journey!

The first photo is how she started out during the night. I placed her long-ways in the middle of the crib at around 11:00. You can see the video monitor in the bottom right corner. Sorry for the lame shot, but I didn’t want to wake her up so this is the best I could do without the flash totally jolting her awake!

When I woke to her fussing at around 6:30-7:00, I could hardly see her on the monitor. All I could see were her tiny limbs going in and out of the frame as she kicked and stretched. When I went into the room, this is where she was:

During that night’s adventure she not only managed to scoot down to the end of the crib, but also turned herself sideways. Talent people… true talent.

This has become a nightly journey for her and each morning when I wake up it’s just as cute as the morning before. I know I’m going to have my hands full when she starts crawling!

Until next time…

What are some things your little ones do that keeps you on your toes???

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