Keelin had a BLAST during this week’s photo session! She was moving all over the place and talking up a storm! It seems she had the IRISH spirit in her and decided to do a little leprechaun jig for me!

There’t not a whole lot to share about this last week, seeing as it was fairly uneventful for the bean. However, we have discovered that Keelin loves to “fly”. No, she’s still a little too bobble-head-ish to toss into the air, but I’ve started holding her under her chest and lifting her up above me. She is such a strong little thing, she straightens her back and lifts her head so she’s parallel to the floor. The cutest part is that she likes to look at things that are above her eye line so she lifts her head as far as she can and then peers out. Stinkin cute, I tell ya!

My parents got a new computer recently so we’ve started having frequent Skype dates and Keelin has really started interacting with them on the screen. I doubt she recognizes their pixellated faces but she loves watching them move around and starts talking up a storm! Again… stinkin cute!

In other news… I have a new business venture I’m about to DIVE into! I’m so excited because I’ve been praying for something to come along that will allow me to do my part supporting our family financially while staying home with Keelin and it’s finally come along! The kinks are still getting worked out but I will be sure to tell you all about it soon.

Until next time…

Some more Irish love for you in honor of St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday!


I like to call this the sad soup eater


gotta love that smile!

9 thoughts on “ELEVENsie

  1. Hahaha, I love the “drunk” picture. It’s so neat to watch her grow up and develop all the fun facial expressions and little miss personality photos 🙂 I love the weekly photo session, she’s already grown so much since week one!

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