Look at those tiny fingers! Cocked and loaded

Hooray for another weekly onesie post! If you all enjoy reading these half as much as I enjoy taking the pictures and bragging about my girl, then it’s a good day for us all!

Before I start gushing I have to give a HUGE congratulations to my sweet friend Pam who just had her baby yesterday! Morgan Reese is absolutely adorable and I’m so happy for Pam to join the mommy club! There’s nothing quite like it!

Now onto my sweet bean!

Monday Keelin turned 2 months old and I can hardly believe that much time has passed. She’s getting more and more expressive every day and I’m getting so many sweet smiles I’m practically holding my breath for her first real giggle.  She seems to get such a kick out of herself just by smiling so she’ll open her mouth real wide and pull her shoulders up to her ears. It’s basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

She’s also become a WIZ at sleeping through the night. I can generally put her down around 11 and not wake up until near 6:30-7 am. She’s definitely making life easier on here mama. I do, however, tend to wake myself up to check her out on the monitor. We have a Summer Infant Day and Night video monitor {love love love} that can be set to video only, sound only, or video and sound.

It’s really nice that we can hear her when she gets fussy and still check on her visually before rushing into the nursery. That way if she’s just having a little chat with herself, I can see what she’s doing before getting up. The reason I often wake myself up to see what she’s doing is because this my sweet daughter is one shifty lady. I will lay her down in the middle of the crib and it never fails that by the time she wakes up, she has managed to wiggle herself sideways and down to the end of the crib. I keep meaning to get a picture of the journey she takes {I’ll be sure to share them once I remember!} but it truly is hysterical. I have rolled up a quilt and placed it at the end she tends to travel to, so she not only doesn’t go too far, but also doesn’t end up right against the side. So, needless to say, I’m prone to checking the monitor to see where she is in her nightly adventure.  What a silly girl!

Keelin’s baptism is this weekend and I’m so excited for the day! I tried on her christening gown {which was originally my grandfather’s and also the one I wore} and it’s absolutely beautiful. She’s such a little angel in it as long as she doesn’t barf all over it. 🙂 It’s a little big on her but I kind of like that it swallows her. Makes her look like she’s surrounded in a white fluffy cloud!  Le sigh… 🙂

Until next time…

I couldn’t leave you without a few blooper shots from this week 😉 She cracks me up!

clearly I was boring her.

HA... double chin


PS… Happy leap year!!!

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