Sometimes I really hate people… pardon the incoming profanity.

As you may remember from a recent weekly onesie post… the hubs and I got a new car. A hot new “cool mom” car. This one to be exact:

ain't she a beauty!?

LOVE LOVE LOVE this car. The Ford Flex. It’s spacious {seats 7 so we can start building our family circus!}, comfortable {easily lets me load the bean in and out} and super smooth {when we went to test drive it I had to ask the guy if the engine was on}.  Keelin loves it and I couldn’t be more happy with our choice and investment.

Well last night, this happened:


Z and was downtown to see his brother compete in a charity flair bar tending competition {which he, at only 21 years old, won by the way!!} when he heard, “Would the owner of a red Ford Flex please come to the front of the bar” announced over the speakers. Because its Atlanta, his first thought was that he’d gotten towed but when he met with the manager of the bar, he learned it was much worse. A half a dozen cars had been busted into that night, ours included, and many of the others had valuables stolen. It seems some assholes saw our diaper bag, thought it was a computer bag, smashed our windows to get to it and opened it up only to find burp cloths and diapers. I’m secretly… who am I kidding, NOT SECRETLY… hoping they had a HUGE rush of guilt when they saw nothing but diapers in the bag. If I could implant an inner monologue it would go something like this:

“Oh no, there’s no laptop in here, just diapers. Newborn diapers so they must have just had a baby. A really cute and sweet and innocent baby. Oh, wow, I feel like a total JACK ASS for breaking into this awesome car, putting strain on the lives of the owners and their new child. Oh wow, that’s a car seat base and a stroller. I bet they have their baby out with them now {he didn’t} and will have to wait in the cold with a newborn {also didn’t happen, but would have definitely sucked}. I’m such a terrible person. I should go turn myself into the PO PO right away.”

Clearly that didn’t happen but a girl can dream.

Can I just say that sometimes I really hate people?!?!?!

Someone thought they were slick and, being too lazy to get a REAL JOB, decided to put a kink in the lives of a half a dozen people just for some cheap thrill and the possibility of finding something worth stealing. Yes, our car is totally awesome and yes, it looks new and expensive enough to possibly be home to some nice swag, so clearly it would be prime choice for window smashing and rummaging. Really people? This is how you find fulfillment in your lives? This is what you do to make yourself feel better and hopefully snag yourself some awesome appliance or at least get your hands on something you can sell off later? Bravo. You are truly a model citizen.

Let me add that this was not a bad part of town {notice the boutique in the background}. And when it comes to the decent parts of Atlanta, you can bet there are security cameras somewhere in the area, which there were. So hopefully whatever dumbass did this was caught on camera and will get what’s coming to them.

I’m a good Christina woman and I would never wish anything BAD to happen to anyone but this is truly ridiculous and makes it quite difficult to ‘forgive’. But I do forgive you, jerk, despite the fact that you’ve added more stress to my life and another bill to the pile.

I am thankful that nothing was taken and it was only the windows that were ruined, but that doesn’t mean I won’t sit and sulk for the next few days at the sheer STUPIDITY of it all. GRRRRR. People suck.

Until next time…

What kinds of people do YOU think suck? Join me in my pool of sulk!



7 thoughts on “Sometimes I really hate people… pardon the incoming profanity.

  1. People suck. I’m glad nothing was taken, but I hate that you have to go through the trouble of repairs to the window.

    And you certainly didn’t suffer as long as I did before the mom car upgrade. I finally traded in the two door Civic for a CR-V and am loving the extra room!

  2. my question is why the multiple windows….isnt one enough!!!??? I recently had something similar with a car that doesnt even start, except my reaction was “for once I wished it started so you could take it off my hands!”

    • I know, right! No idea why they decided to smash them both but my guess is either a) they couldn’t see through the back tinted windows but decided to break the back window once they’d seen the diaper bag after breaking the front window or b) they were just ass holes. My money is on option b.

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