Invitation ornaments… another DIY treat!

Hooray for another DIY project! It’s about time, right?

I’ve had to postpone sharing this project because I use images of an actual gift I made for some dear friends of ours and, being the genius that I am, kept forgetting to give it to them. I didn’t want the world to see their gifts before they did but now that they’ve got them {and love them} I can finally share with YOU!

TADA… invitation ornaments!

made from a bridal shower invitation

Adorable, right?

I was lucky enough to snag this idea from a gift of my own! The super sweet and fabulously stylish Mary Ann {remember her guest post?} made me one out of my baby shower invitation and I instantly wanted to steal the idea.

I never thought I'd actually miss my belly!

I had a number of friends get married this past year so I took advantage of Mary Ann’s brilliance and went to town creating a few of my own! It’s really simple and you can get as creative as you want depending on how decorative the invitation is.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • plain glass ornaments
  • a pen, paintbrush, marker, etc. for curling
  • scissors
  • event invitations

Cut the invitations into varying sizes of strips, making sure you feature important information like names, dates, locations, etc. be sure you get as much color in as possible too.

Using your pen, paintbrush handle, marker, etc. wrap the strips to create a curl.

Shirley Temple would be jealous of all my curls!!!

Remove the cap on the ornament and rotate the strips down into the base of the ball.

I used the “plain” and colorful strips first so that I could strategically position the strips with important information on them toward the end.

Like I said before, you can make them big or minimal in terms of design, based on what you are given with the invitation. I took the outside ribbon and label and created a kind of frame on the outside of the ornament. Use ribbon in matching colors to create a hanging loop and you’re good to go!

If the invitations are mostly white you can add strips of plain colored paper to add depth and make text easier to read.

So, what do you think? Easy enough, right?

Check out the where Mary Ann’s inspiration came from, in the original Pinterest post!

Until next time…

Found anything share-worthy on Pinterest lately? Check out my boards and feel free to pass yours along as well by leaving a comment with a link to your site!

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