Happy six weeks baby girl!

What a fun-filled photoshoot we had this week! And when I say ‘fun-filled’ I really mean ‘tear-filled’. Keelin was NOT HAVING IT. Not one bit of it. Not the polkadots, not the bow, and definitely not being out of mommy’s arms. But I eventually got this shot of her royal cuteness.

nothing like a little bunny hop action to start your day off right!!!

It took some sneaky tactics to get her to calm down and keep the bow on her head, primarily the critically acclaimed hair dryer:

While she may look frightened, she’s really loving it! The noise and heat calm her down so I was able to snap more pictures like the one above and less like this:

Victory! 10 points mom, 0 points tears.

It’s been another exciting week for the little bean! Now that I think about it, I guess anything beyond being curled in the fetal position would be exciting to someone who is only six weeks old, but for the sake of keeping things entertaining, we’ll emphasize the excitement!

Keelin keeps surprising me with how strong she is every time she consistently holds that bobble head upright. It usually happens when I prop her up on my shoulder and she feels the need to look around at everything behind me. It cracks me up when she gets fixated on something, gets her head REALLY steady and then headbutts my face. Yes I laugh at my child’s expense. She’ll appreciate my light-hearted attitude later in life when I decide not to ground her for coming in past curfew due to the fact that I witnessed her tripping up the stairs during her attempt to sneak in undetected.

On Thursday our tiny family went to a CALLBACK for an HGTV/Home Depot promo. Z’s agent called to tell us that she sumbitted us for a yard makeover show and after writing up a little blurb about ourselves and our LAME back yard, they decided they wanted to see more! I mean honestly, can you blame them? So we drove to a local casting agent’s office and did a video interview. Keelin slept through the whole thing but was mentioned a few times during our filming. *Say a little prayer that they pick us {there were a TON of couples at the call backs} so we can get a FREE backyard makeover compliments of HGTV and Home Depot!

Let’s see… what else.

It seems to be a reoccurring event but Keelin once again met a SLEU of new friends this week. Former work buddies, current work buddies {aka, the entire office!}, church friends, {including the adorable baby Ruthie who will no doubt be a lifelong playmate}, family friends, and the entire SIDEWAYS dance company! She basically slept through every “meeting” except for the when we visited the dance company… where she fussed, wiggled, continuously kicked her socks off and showed her love by dropping a load in her diaper while in the hands of sweet Susanna. Clearly, hers were the most comfortable arms.

But by far the BIGGEST event of the week for Keelin would have to be purchasing her first car. Well, she was there {sleeping} when mom and dad purchased their first family car. We are now the owners of a BEAUTIFUL candy apple red 2011 Ford FLEX. It’s totally GORGEWUAH {gor-gg-wah} and the ultimate COOL MOM RIDE. No seriously…

See… cool mom! That’s me!

But why the Ford FLEX, you might ask? Basically, Z and I realized pretty quickly that we would need more room for our expanding family. While it’s just the three of us now we’re hoping to have a small soccer team in the future and, given the fact that Keelin’s carseat and stroller already take up MOST of my Toyota Matrix without even blinking, we figured we may as well make a purchase now that will last us through many more trips to the labor and delivery room. The FLEX is a dream and will have no problem accommodating the Pierce Family Circus. Keelin showed her approval by soundly sleeping through not one but TWO test drives and an hour-long signing process that stretched THROUGH her lunch time. She’s a fan.

Until next time…

In case you’re just joining us… check out where I got my weekly onesie inspiration from and get your own stylish bow from Rowe Bows!

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