Sorry I’ve been MIA on the posting front. Z and I have been passing around a cold and I’ve been washing and sanitizing my hands as much as possible to try and keep the bean from catching anything, which leaves little time to type. Let’s hope it pays off and she stays healthy and happy!

Now onto the important stuff… BABY GIRL IS 4 weeks old, and looking cuter than ever in her white onesie! I was able to snap her picture yesterday after a very happy and successful bath time, so needless to say she was quite content.

I mentioned in my last weekly onesie post that we were in the process of having all the pipes replaced in our house. George the plumber went to town Wednesday through Friday while Keelin and I camped out in the nursery to keep away from the dust and fumes. We now have a number of beautiful holes scattered around our ceiling and walls {you could say we are the ‘holeyist’ house on the block} but more importantly, we have running water and no more leak to run up our water bill! Hooray George!

Sorry it’s short, I’m already behind on my hand sanitizing regimen!

Until next time…

I’ll fill you in a little more on the pipe replacement chaos {complete with pictures of the current status of my house} and share some more of Keelin’s beautiful newborn pictures.

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