I’m a little late getting this posted this morning, due mostly to the fact that my house is being GUTTED as I type. Yes, the universe had perfect {sarcasm} timing when it decided to give us a leak in our pipes right after Keelin was born. Now we have to have ALL the pipes in our house replaced and I’m spending the next three days with sweet, sweet George the plumber and his mysterious son who stares too much. HOORAY! I’m documenting the process as they go so you can all get a full understanding of the mess that is our house.

Regardless of my pipe chaos, I still managed to snag one stinkin cute picture of the little one.

Bye bye socks... hello adorable hairpiece! Compliments of my dear friend Allison and her fabulous ROWE BOWS {link at the bottom of this post}

This week has been filled with all sorts of adventures for Keelin and I think the face she’s making in this week’s picture speaks to one event in particular… her first DIAPER BLOWOUT!

I’ve been anticipating this grand event and it finally happened. Last night while hunkered down in front of the boob tube with the hubs, Keelin BLEW OUT HER DIAPER! Where was she sitting, you might ask? On my stomach, that’s where! In one swift moment I heard a loud fart noise, felt a rumble and my stomach got a few degrees warmer. Z and I both stared at each other in disbelief of the sheer power of this tiny girl’s poop and I managed to get her up before anything seeped through her pants. Because it eventually did. Seep through her pants. Out the side of her diaper, coating the edge of her gender neutral “I love hugs” onesie that makes her looks slightly like a boy, and through her adorable light blue pantaloons. That, ladies and gentlemen, is talent!

Outside of her epic sharting skills, the little bean also went on her first shopping trip! My friend Andrea {you may remember her from here and here… and can find her own collection of witty shenanigans here} was kind enough to come by the house and help me go grocery shopping on Friday. It was bitter cold and annoyingly windy so I was definitely grateful that she could come help me maneuver the cart and  Keelin’s carrier. A friend of mine from work told me a horror story about a woman she knows whose baby tragically died when the carrier fell OFF the top of her shopping cart on the way out to her car {yeah… scary} so needless to say I was overly paranoid and wanted an extra pair of hands for our first outing. Not to mention I had plans to go to the Asian market {Super H Mart… amazing} for some cheap produce and that place is always swarming with people… who speak very little english… and often pretend that they don’t know what “excuse me” means. Jerks. She didn’t make a peep the whole trip and was an absolute angel! VICTORY!

I’m also happy to announce that Keelin is currently on day 5 of successful breastfeeding! Before now I’ve needed to pump and give her a bottle but she’s getting the hang of it and has been boob lovin’ and bottle free! VICTORY part deux!

And last but not least on the list of Keelin’s totally awesome adventures comes in the form of NEWBORN PICTURES! We weren’t planning on getting pictures taken since I take about a million a day anyway, but one of Z’s coworkers informed us of a friend of his who is not only FANTASTIC, but in the process of building up her portfolio and in need of some newborn shots. JACKPOT!  She came over on Sunday and we had an absolute blast. She has such a fantastic eye for photography, and being a mother of two, was totally at ease dealing with the posing and adjusting of a newborn. She sent us this “sneak peek” on Monday and all I have to say is… Anne Geddes, eat your heart out!

Can you handle the sweetness???
I can’t wait to see the rest of them and I’ll be sure to share my favs!

That’s about it for Keelin’s 3 week update!

Until next time…

If you’re interested in learning more about ROWE BOWS, check them out on FACEBOOK! Fantastic bows for all ages and all occasions, made by a dear, dear friend of mine!

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