Another Elephant Wall Hanging

It’s time for more nursery DIY fun! I’m a total loser for not getting all of this posted BEFORE Keelin made her grand entrance {something I know I still haven’t told you about but I promise I will!} but I’m sure you will be seeing tons of pictures of the nursery {and Keelin’s cute little butt} from here on out SO, I suppose it’s still alright that you’re getting the inside scoop now.

Z’s parents did quite a bit of traveling in their lives and one of the things they snagged along the way {I believe during a trip to China} was this beautiful mini-tapestry featuring none other than… ELEPHANTS!

When they heard that we were doing elephants as the main theme in Keelin’s nursery, they offered it up for us to use. I was thrilled and then a little stumped at how to display it.

I didn’t want to just hang it because it’s a little small to hang solo as a tapestry.

Frames can get way too expensive, especially because the shape of the tapestry would require a custom frame.

SO, I went with a cheaper option and snagged a framed canvas from JoAnn fabric {on sale… duh} in a size that most fit the shape of the tapestry. I made sure it was small enough so the tapestry could be wrapped around the edges, and large enough so the center portion of the painting would be 100% visible. I also grabbed some ivory ribbon and thermoweb {iron-on hem for easy hem jobs}.

I secured the ribbon to the edge of the tapestry using termoweb. If you’ve never used thermoweb before, it’s a fantastic product… especially for people like me who are slightly sewing challenged.

Needle and thread vs. Iron… Iron wins!

Once the hem is set and cooled, a hot glue gun is perfect for securing the edges to the canvas itself.

I folded the edges down to be flush with the canvas frame. Clean clean lines people!

I love the finished product and how the addition of the ivory ribbon bring a real linear feel to the rest of the tapestry. 🙂

Now Keelin can watch the parade of elephants walking above her closet!

I’m thankful that the beige and white color scheme I chose has allowed me to add tons of color splashes.

Until next time… 

What are some unique ways you have hung tapestries in your home?

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