Two weeks on this Earth and she’s changing my life every single day!

*I snagged some more white onesies – with mittens – so she actually looks a little smaller in this picture than last week’s since her clothes are baggier.

I love the look on her face in this one… almost as if she’s saying, “Oh hey mom, I didn’t see you there!”
And her arms make me think she should really have maracas in her hands and CUBAN PETE should be playing in the background.

Two weeks have flown by and I thank God every day for giving us such a sweet and funny girl. She’s a happy, happy, happy girl, makes the funniest faces… including one we have dubbed the “old drunk asian lady” that shows up whenever we burp her.
Her first trip to the pediatrician was a success and the doctor said she looked perfect. She gained all of her birth weight back, and then some, and was kind enough to not make a single peep the trip there and back. She was bright-eyed and curious in the exam room and even sat calmly through a 10 minute battle with the hiccups. {I swear she gets them every other hour… any other parents experience excessive hiccups with their newborn??}

She’s gotten a little more fussy the past couple of days but I think it has a lot to do with her cord preparing to fall off. It’s dried up {kind of creepy looking} and starting to detach which I can’t imagine is comfortable for her.

We are attempting to start putting her on a set schedule {wanted to take a few weeks to let us all settle as best as we could and really get a feel for how her system works} of sleep and feeding which will probably be harder on me than she or Z since I’m doing everything I can to breastfeed. She’s had some trouble latching from day 1 but has progressively gotten better and I’ve been giving her pumped milk via bottle to make sure she’s getting enough to eat. I’m not a fan of formula so the struggle is well worth ensuring she is solely breastfed.  {More on my breastfeeding battles later…}

I’m learning so much about her personality every day and LOVE when she’s in her wide awake, must stare at everything mode. Those big eyes of hers get fixated on anything and everything… mostly where the colors on the wall are in the greatest contrast and where light is shining. She gets the most inquisitive looks on her face and starts darting her eyes back and forth from one point to another. I swear I could sit and watch her all day. Oh wait… I do!

In other news… I’ve got a real LADY on my hands for sure… she HATES having a dirty diaper. She will kick, scream and punch her way through the entire changing process and instantly stop with a look of sheer content once the new, clean diaper is safely secured. It cracks me up.

The Bostons have taken to her really well too. They get on HIGH ALERT whenever she starts crying and are overall very curious about this new creature that has entered their lives. Buster especially is always coming up to her to sniff things out. It’s adorable.

Watching Z interact with her is one of my favorite things too. He’s so smitten and loves to sing to her while he rocks her. I couldn’t be more thankful to have him as a husband and it’s even more evident now how lucky Keelin is to have him for a daddy. We are truly blessed.

I can’t wait to see what she teaches me this week! I particularly like how Keelin is already totally in control of her weekly photo sessions. This was the last photo I snapped {warning… kind of gross if you’re not a mom but completely hysterical if you are} to let me know that she was totally over it and ready to be done:


Until next time… 

Some upcoming posts for you to get PSYCHED about:

  • THE BIRTH STORY… I swear it’s coming!
  • More nursery DIY since I didn’t get to fill you in before Keelin arrived.
  • Recipes (yum)
  • Breastfeeding Blues – my struggles and discoveries
  • Link Ups… I have a few I’m working on!
  • The Bradley Method – our 100% natural birthing method and why I love it SO MUCH
  • Surviving the creation of your baby registry
  • And other random things of GREATNESS!

*Check out Life in these times… on FACEBOOK and see more onesie pictures in the Weekly Onesie Favorits album!

10 thoughts on “TWOsie

  1. She is so beautiful. I love her. 🙂 Oh, and Connor had the hiccups ALL the time.. in the womb and out. It eventually slows down, but yep, they will keep aggravating her for a while. He used to get SO mad! So sweet to see how much you are LOVING mommy-hood. I can tell you are an amazing mom!

    • She had them in the womb too. At least once a day!
      They don’t seem to bother her… she just lets them ride out, but I’m sure one of these days they will really piss her off 😉

    • Thank you Jessica! Enjoy your time being pregnant… While I couldn’t be happier that she is here, and am loving every second of being a mom, there are definitely things about being pregnant that I wish I’d relished in before it was over. Can’t wait to meet your little one… SO SOON!

  2. I love all of the details you’re providing! Seeing little Keelin makes me hope these next few weeks fly by for me. I can’t wait to read about your birthing story and breastfeeding details!!! I’m sure I’ll be confronted with similar situations, so I’m excited to follow along with you! I hope everything is going well! xoxo

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