Guest Blog: Katherine from “Life with Arie”

When you usually read Sara’s blog, you’re readying about baby life. Buying for baby. Preparing for baby. Bodily changes with growing baby. For those of you, like me, who have yet to have children—or don’t plan to—pregnancy and motherhood are amazing and interesting, but maybe a little terrifying. Last year, I brought another life into my home, much like Sara and Z are about to do (but without the pains of birth or the 9 months of interesting happenings). My new companion came home after an impulse in a pet store.

Before you start angrily typing away about purchasing pets, believe me, I know your diatribe, and I share it myself. Forgive me for my trespasses, and please understand that I love animals with all of my heart, and have always adopted fur-balls of love. While growing up with loveable mutts, I used to house sit for a family with two White German Shepherds. I was smitten. I fell in love with the breed, and I swore to myself that someday, I would have one of my own. Then, right after moving to Atlanta, a pair of big brown eyes snatched my heart, while buying toys for a friend’s dog. It was over. Done. I was officially a pet parent.

While Z and Sara have had a little bit of time to prepare, my impulse buy came home with a puppy package and a lot of prayer that my roommate would be as understanding in person as she was on the phone. Luckily she was, and my years of experience with pets paid off. Much like bringing home a baby, Arie and I had to go through a lot of struggles. Like a baby name, everyone insisted on miss-saying her name, even after hearing me say it correctly. Like a bald infant dressed in green (I was a cue ball for a while as a baby), people constantly assume that she’s a he—It shouldn’t matter, but like a proud mama, I’m quick to correct. She cried all night the first few nights I had her at home, and potty training was a major PITA…and I’m not talking about the bread.

Beyond the battles though, Arie brought a new aspect into my life that I had never experienced. My dog and I have a bond and companionship so close that I could only compare it to the childhood pup I grew up with for 15 years. I am responsible for this life, and ensuring that she grow up, get her training, and that she be a functioning member of the animal society of Atlanta and area parks. Though a tiny human is so much more than a tiny puppy, this is closest I can relate to what Sara is anxiously anticipating.


Katie is a twenty-something living in Atlanta, GA with her White German Shepherd, Arie, the subject of her blog, Life with Arie. She is an avid animal lover and a Social Media Strategist by trade. To read about her adventures with Arie and beyond, be sure to check out her blog.

Until next time…

Are your pets like extra kids, or your sole furry children? What’s your pet’s adoption/homecoming story?

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